Kansas views on job growth, GOP split, health compact, Koch program, gun law, Scott Morgan

07/28/2014 12:00 AM

08/08/2014 10:25 AM

Job growth – Kansas has had one of the nation’s poorest rates of employment growth during Gov. Sam Brownback’s time in office, including since the first tax cuts took effect in 2013. The new Bureau of Labor Statistics report reveals that Kansas – like eight other states – had fewer jobs at the end of June than it did seven months ago. This fact undermines the Brownback mantra that the state’s economy is gaining steam in 2014.

Kansas City Star

GOP split – The split in the Kansas GOP shouldn’t be news to anyone. The only surprise is that the moderates’ anger has reached the point that they’ve done the formerly unthinkable: join with Democrats to try to oust a sitting Republican governor. If Brownback hadn’t been so ruthless in his takeover of the state party, so nakedly ambitious in his political aspirations, then maybe this could have been avoided. But he wasn’t subtle or accommodating, and now he faces a formidable opponent bolstered by a group of Republicans largely of his own making. What goes around....

Salina Journal

Health compact – In April, Gov. Sam Brownback signed the Health Care Compact Alliance bill, which would establish a health care compact between Kansas and other states that would be separate from the federal Affordable Care Act. The move looked to be little more than grandstanding by right-wing politicians eager to show their disdain for the Affordable Care Act. The compact, after all, would require approval from Congress, which would be unlikely with Democratic control of the Senate. But a shift in November to GOP control of Congress could breathe life into the disastrous plan. Imagine the turmoil that could ensue in allowing a takeover of Medicare by Brownback and his ultraconservative regime. There’s no cause to believe the program nearly 450,000 Kansans count on would be handled in a prudent way.

Garden City Telegram

Koch program – The Huffington Post appears to have grossly overstated its case in an article that charges the Koch brothers are trying to unduly influence public school students through a program with links to the Koch Foundation. To suggest the brothers and their foundations are using a program, Youth Entrepreneurs, to promote their political agenda is a big stretch.

Topeka Capital-Journal

Gun law – It’s pretty obvious that the Second Amendment Protection Act, which exempts firearms manufactured in Kansas from all federal regulations, was intended more as a political protest than as a practical benefit for Kansans. Only time will tell how many tax dollars the state will spend to defend a law that has little chance of standing up to constitutional scrutiny.

Lawrence Journal-World

Morgan – Scott Morgan is the best man to serve as Kansas secretary of state for many reasons – he’s experienced, qualified, believes in treating Kansans as customers, and isn’t interested in hopping from city to city to help write laws for them. And if that’s not enough reason, consider this: Morgan was motivated to run because he sees Kris Kobach as little more than a bully in a suit – and he believes bullies can’t go unanswered.

Hutchinson News

Scott Morgan is the candidate to restore fairness to our state elections office. Unlike his Republican opponent, Morgan says he’s interested in treating voters and businesses like customers instead of victims.

Marysville Advocate

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