Kansas views on lagging economy, AFP, Dole, Benghazi

05/19/2014 12:00 AM

08/08/2014 10:24 AM

Lagging economy – Gov. Sam Brownback and his supporters have their bias: They still contend lower taxes will bring in more businesses. Yet state budget cuts are draining revenue needed to provide high-quality schools and public services that attract businesses, setting up alarming possibilities of annual deficits and deep budget cuts to come. Meanwhile, unbiased federal job numbers show the governor’s economic plan is not helping Kansas keep up with most of its neighbors, much less pull ahead of them.

Kansas City Star

Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Kansas’ bond rating, and it noted that Kansas’ economic recovery has lagged the nation’s and surrounding states. The question for Gov. Sam Brownback and company is whether the worst of the economic news is still a year or so out, or if April’s severe revenue drop means that doomsday is arriving earlier than expected – like before November’s election.

Salina Journal

The fault for Kansas’ financial predicament lies squarely with Gov. Sam Brownback and the toadies and bootlickers with which he has stacked the Statehouse and whose numbers are so great that four of them authored the Kansas budget, which then passed with no House debate. Republican voters should realize we aren’t in Kansas anymore – and haven’t been for four years now – and make some changes at the polls come this August and November. Provided, of course, they can secure a ballot.

Clay Center Dispatch

AFP – Americans for Prosperity might need to rename itself in a way that truly reflects its identity and purpose, which increasingly appears to be a purposeful effort to mislead the people of Kansas on nearly every important issue. Perhaps something like Amnesia for Purpose, Altering for Politics or Always False Points might fit the bill for this well-heeled and politically influential group that tirelessly aims to mislead the people of Kansas.

Hutchinson News

Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and billionaire Koch brothers have made political inroads in Kansas through deliberately misleading ads. In 2012, they filled Kansans’ mailboxes with last-minute postcards designed to take down state lawmakers who challenged their radical legislative pursuits. Promoting a political agenda is one thing. Distorting the truth to gain an advantage is another.

Garden City Telegram

Dole – Former Sen. Bob Dole is carrying out one of his twilight campaigns without the help of our two Kansas senators, Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran. Dole is advocating for an international treaty that seeks to improve treatment of the disabled around the globe, including U.S. veterans and all Americans who travel overseas. He needs just two more votes for the Senate to endorse the treaty this summer. Roberts and Moran should listen to Dole and vote for this treaty when it again comes before the Senate. They let him down last time it came up for a vote. Will they turn their backs on Dole’s effort on behalf of others again?

Marysville Advocate

Benghazi – The loss of four Americans while in service of country was regrettable, lamentable and unacceptable. But what will an eighth congressional inquiry on Benghazi determine that previous ones did not? Nothing. The latest probe is a waste of time and money.

Hays Daily News

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