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02/17/2014 12:00 AM

08/08/2014 10:22 AM

KanCare – If President Obama’s signature health care law, with all its reported problems, has earned the moniker “Obamacare,” then Kansas’ experimental Medicaid insurance system, with all its reported problems, similarly should bear the nickname “SamCare.” The latest “SamCare” failure: Local diabetic patients seeking glucose testing and insulin delivery supplies were turned away from local pharmacies because they were not getting paid or were getting paid months later by KanCare insurers. This follows similar complaints from local hospitals and clinics. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The move to KanCare wasn’t designed to provide adequate coverage. It was designed to cede control to private contractors and save money the only way they can – by denying payment or claims for needed medical services or supplies.

Hutchinson News

Genesis – Though too short of cash to properly fund schools and universities, Kansas lawmakers are on the brink of giving gyms, health clubs and fitness centers a break from paying property taxes. The nonsensical move would be another blow to cash-strapped local governments and school districts that rely on the property tax. Why go there? To answer that question, look no further than the campaign donations of Rodney Steven, president of the Wichita-based Genesis Health Clubs. He has doled out $65,000 worth of checks to Kansas lawmakers.

Kansas City Star

Anti-gay bill – It is no surprise that opponents of gay marriage – and gay relationships – feel they must act to try to stem the tide of public opinion in support of gay rights. But House Bill 2453 raises the religious rights of some over the individual rights of others. Kansans are free to support or oppose homosexual relationships, but we should not create in law a group of second-class citizens when it comes to public or private services.

Winfield Daily Courier

No-fault divorce – Ready to set aside alleged beliefs concerning government’s intrusion into personal lives, the Legislature is considering doing away with “no-fault” divorces in the state. If legislators really want to respect the office to which they were elected, there needs to be a commitment to do the people’s work and to not find arbitrary reasons to intrude into personal lives. The state’s supposed vested interest in supporting strong families should not outweigh the individual’s freedom of expression, pursuit of happiness or right to be left alone.

Hays Daily News

Roberts – We don’t think it matters if Pat Roberts does or doesn’t live in Kansas, any more than it did when Bob Dole left Kansas and rarely came back. What we want is effective, thoughtful and honest representation, and less of “Sen. No.” But the reality is the tea party is ravaging the GOP, and if you’re from Kansas and not hard to the right, you’re gone – no matter how long you’ve served, or where you live.

Salina Journal

Marijuana – Medical marijuana has been recognized by doctors as a safe, effective treatment for nausea and pain of terminal cancer patients and others who are seriously ill. Unfortunately, narrow-minded policymakers in Kansas continue to dismiss the option. Telling patients they cannot have something that could help is senseless and cruel.

Garden City Telegram

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