Kansas views on Hutchinson hazing, KCC fine, tax revenue drop, border war, pheasant season, KU cheer

11/18/2013 12:00 AM

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Hazing – The alleged hazing in the Hutchinson High School football program is disturbing, and the many unknowns – at least to the public – have led to much speculation. While law enforcement likely won’t share more details pending a continuing investigation, the school district could be more forthcoming with the public. The big question is whether this was an isolated example of locker-room hijinks crossing the line or some kind of tradition of hazing that has been going on for a while. Also unknown is the sequence of events – namely whether school officials first learned of it and turned it over to law enforcement or whether it first was reported to law enforcement before the school took action.

Hutchinson News

KCC fine – A Shawnee County District Court judge fined the Kansas Corporation Commission $500 for violating the Kansas Open Meetings Act. The court’s ruling was the correct one, and the fine, the maximum allowed by law, was justified. It has become clear to many that the current commissioners prefer secrecy to sunshine.

Topeka Capital-Journal

Tax drop – Gov. Sam Brownback had a plan: Reduce taxes and they would come. People would move to Kansas, new businesses would open and consumers would spend money, which would add millions of dollars to fill the state coffers. The latest drop in tax revenues suggests that the plan may not be working. Next year is an election year for the governor, and he may not want to admit his plan is not working. But to make corrections now could be for the best. It will cost Kansans less of their hard earned money to dig out of the failed plan now than in a year or two.

Emporia Gazette

Border war – The governor of Missouri made an offer last week that elected officials in Topeka should be cheering about. Gov. Jay Nixon wants a joint moratorium between the two states to end job-poaching in the Kansas City metropolitan area. To his credit, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback was in agreement. In fact, Brownback has proposed the same idea in the past, so he thanked Nixon for joining the effort. Both states’ governors recognize the real gains to be had if their economic development teams weren’t working against each other.

Hays Daily News

Pheasant season – Pheasant hunters have their work cut out for them this time around. Adverse weather conditions combined to create what’s expected to be another subpar season in southwest Kansas. The ongoing drought contributed to a pheasant breeding population down sharply this year. A shortage of moisture can result in less habitat cover and insects needed for good pheasant production.

Garden City Telegram

Tasteless cheer – Repugnant fan behavior in Allen Fieldhouse needs to come to a halt. At issue is the revival of the shameful and tasteless practice by boorish, immature student fans who shout “home of the Chiefs” as the concluding line of the National Anthem. The Chiefs deserve accolades. But this is no way to recognize their accomplishments. No self-respecting fan of the Kansas City professional football team should tolerate the denigrating of our nation in this manner, and neither should anyone connected with the University of Kansas and its basketball program.

Lawrence Journal-World

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