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10/28/2013 12:00 AM

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Schools lawsuit – Apparently, the school district attorneys (and possibly the state Supreme Court) believe there’s a money tree growing somewhere near Topeka, and that all legislators need to do is begin the harvest. Here in reality, we recognize that money has to come from somewhere or someone. Where is it going to come from? If the state Legislature simply bent to the lawsuit’s demands, it would bankrupt the state. And if Kansas legislators come to us for the cash, it will bankrupt the citizenry. Shame on school districts for attempting to rob the public, when the public elected the current crop of legislators.

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Air Capital Classic – Robin Jennison, secretary of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, is taking too much heat for his decision to invest $15,000 in an effort to ensure Wichita would host the Air Capital Classic golf tournament, a PGA Tour event, for the next three years. Critics could better spend their time searching for ways the state can get as good a return on its money as the Wichita golf tournament and one in Newton can deliver. Rep. Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, estimated the two tournaments would produce $2.6 million in economic activity in Kansas. Every community in the state is interested in economic development, and that doesn’t always have to be large commercial ventures such as a new factory.

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Phill Kline – As attorney general of Kansas and district attorney for Johnson County, Phill Kline violated the trust of his client – the public – and tarnished the legal profession. He knowingly broke rules and acted dishonestly. Those findings led the Kansas Supreme Court to indefinitely suspend Kline’s law license. Kline’s story is a chilling reminder of how power can be misused by a politician committed to an agenda at the expense of public trust. It is a lesson that Kansas cannot afford to forget.

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Kansas Speaks – The Kansas Speaks survey from the Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State University offers a snapshot of the state’s collective mood on a variety of subjects. Contradictions are abundantly present. There is only an extremely small minority of Kansans who think spending should be decreased for K-12, social services, and colleges and universities. As these areas make up approximately three-quarters of the state budget, and state leaders already have decided to eliminate a third of state revenue with income tax cuts, the only way these conflicting forces don’t collide is if Kansas experiences an economic miracle. Don’t count us in the camp of those holding their breath.

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Immigration – Kansas municipal leaders want to legitimize immigrants who are in the state illegally at present. Even the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, with its ultra-right-wing politics, wants a new business-friendly immigration policy. That means a way for industries that rely on immigrant labor not to have their workforces deported. It is time for the politicians to listen to local and business leaders and quit pandering to Kris Kobach – Kansas secretary of state and leading crusader against illegal immigration – and the bigoted ideologues.

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