Kansas views on wind credit, Kobach, Huelskamp, concealed carry, child poverty

11/26/2012 12:00 AM

08/08/2014 10:13 AM

Wind credit – Count Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback among Republicans on the right side of a move to push for extension of a federal wind-energy production tax credit needed to protect tens of thousands of jobs in the industry. But some of Brownback’s fellow GOP conservatives – including Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, whose own district holds great wind potential – fiercely oppose the tax credit. As good wind-energy jobs disappear before our eyes, Huelskamp and others still see the tax credit as wasteful spending – even though the federal government has subsidized fossil fuel-based energy production for more than a century.

Garden City Telegram

The Kansas economy will lose private-sector jobs and private investment if the wind-energy production tax credit is allowed to fall by the wayside. The state’s citizens and its other elected officials should support Gov. Sam Brownback’s attempts to forestall such events.

Topeka Capital-Journal

Kobach – “Americans can vote with their feet,” Secretary of State Kris Kobach said in a recent Kansas City Star article, “and choose a state that reflects their values and the way of life they’d like to enjoy.” Read: Our way or the highway. “If a person wants to live in a San Francisco lifestyle, they can go there,” Kobach said. “If they want to live a Kansas lifestyle, they can come here.” Trust us when we say this, Mr. Secretary: You are in no position to define the “Kansas lifestyle.” Likewise, Kobach’s call for self-deportation of “undesirables” from the Sunflower State will not be heeded. Too many Kansans might fall for many a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but not a single resident of this proud state will be driven off by such bullying tactics. Kansans deserve better. The wrong person is being asked to self-deport in this case.

Hays Daily News

Huelskamp – Rep. Tim Huelskamp’s team naturally spun the election results in a positive way, pointing out that the lone candidate won votes from both Republicans and Democrats – meaning that some voters who supported President Obama also supported Huelskamp. That is a rosy way of looking at it, but it doesn’t change the fact that with no one else to vote for, more than 20 percent of voters in Reno County – and a similar number in several other counties – couldn’t bring themselves to support the incumbent.

Hutchinson News

Concealed carry – We’re not fans of concealed-carry gun permits, but it’s nevertheless impressive that only 44 of the more than 51,000 Kansans who have been issued permits since 2007 have been charged with a crime while using a firearm. The figures, from research conducted by The Wichita Eagle, amount to one person charged for every 1,161 concealed-carry permit holders. At least 17 of those charged have been convicted, and as a consequence have had their permits revoked. That’s appropriate.

Manhattan Mercury

Child poverty – We applaud the governor and the members of his task force on child poverty. But we hope they will reach well outside the Topeka bubble to hear from the poor themselves and those who work closely with them across the state. The Wichita region, for instance, is grossly underrepresented on the task force. Child poverty is a statewide problem and needs a statewide solution.

Winfield Daily Courier

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