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Uruguay teachers protest attacks by parents

Teachers in this South American country are going on a 24-hour strike to protest a wave of physical attacks on educators by students' mothers and fathers.

Scientists name Puerto Rico water mite after JLo

Pop singer Jennifer Lopez may be thinking life is funny after a group of scientists named a water mite in her honor after discovering a new species near Puerto Rico.

Criminal history on Pennsylvania Capitol portraits

The portraits of three former Pennsylvania House speakers and one former top state senator hanging in the Capitol's marble corridors each have new information to tell visitors: their criminal histories.

Man starts fire using 'blowtorch' to kill spider

A man who used a can of spray paint and a lighter as a makeshift blowtorch to kill a spider in his laundry room started a blaze that caused $60,000 worth of damage, Seattle fire officials said Wednesday.

Scientists name Puerto Rico water mite after JLo

Pop singer Jennifer Lopez may be thinking life is funny after some scientists gave her name to a water mite species they discovered near Puerto Rico.

Ax throw, log climb at Adirondack lumberjack class (VIDEO)

Ax throwing is encouraged in lumberjack class. It's also OK to dump your classmate in the lake — as long as you're both frantically trying to stay upright on a floating log.

SAY WHAT!? Removal by noise reaps barbs in Belgium

A plan by a Belgian mayor to remove a group of Gypsies by playing loud music backfired when the camping cars stayed put and the children danced to the music.

2 arrested in theft of cheese vans in California

Two men were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stealing three Volkswagen minibuses that were customized to look like bright orange Tillamook cheese loafs.

Boulder, Colorado, celebrates Tube To Work Day

A few commuters in Boulder, Colorado, may have arrived at work dripping wet because they observed Tube To Work Day.

Man wins $1 million while on Rhode Island vacation

A vacation off the coast of Rhode Island has turned a man into a millionaire.

Pilot mistake means pingpong balls rain on highway

A pilot who dropped 3,000 pingpong balls that were redeemable for prizes missed a crowd assembled for the stunt and instead hit a nearby interstate.

On-duty officer delivers his own son in California

Every now and then a police officer has to deliver a baby. The first time Officer Bryan Anderson did it, the baby was his own son.

Pig that menaced children seen again in Maine

Police in the Maine town of Oakland say a pig that menaced two children walking through the woods has scared another passer-by.

NYC man's long-lost class ring turns up in Greece

More than 40 years after a New York man last saw his high school class ring, the love token his wife had until their wedding night popped up on a Greek island.

Miami car thief makes good time to Washington

Police in the town of Blaine, Washington, near the Canadian border found a car in a bank parking lot on July 2 that had been stolen in Miami just about two days earlier.

Connecticut man arrested after stabbing watermelon

A 49-year-old Connecticut man faces threatening charges after a woman told police he stabbed a watermelon in a passive-aggressive manner.

Orange Tillamook cheese vans stolen in California

Police in Central California are searching for three bright orange Tillamook cheese vans that were stolen over the weekend.

Man claims kingdom so daughter can be princess

A Virginia man says he has claimed a kingdom in Africa so his daughter can be a princess.

Store accepts a 25-year-old gift certificate

A Massachusetts pop culture store has honored a 25-year-old gift certificate.

Museum to show off 19th-century undergarments

An exhibit at a Flint-area museum is taking a peek under clothes worn in the 19th century.

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