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Research shakes up tornado theories

Vortex2, a two-year field study of tornadoes in the nation's midsection, is prompting researchers to reconsider theories on how twisters develop, a leader of the project said Friday.

Meteorologists to convene in Wichita

Dozens of meteorologists are converging on Wichita for a three-day weather conference that begins today at the Wichita Marriott.

Meteorologists to talk weather at Wichita conference

Dozens of meteorologists are converging on Wichita for a three-day weather conference that begins Thursday at the Wichita Marriott.

In Joplin, school will start on schedule

JOPLIN, Mo. — Debbie Fort just wanted to take a look around, peek inside classrooms and again feel what it's like to be where children are learning.

Wichita area now in an extreme drought

Cracks in the ground are now an inch or two wide. Ponds that have withstood many sizzling summers have gone dry.

Butler County storms bring damaging winds, brief downpours

Nobody's quite sure how strong the winds were that blew through Butler County near El Dorado Lake late Sunday afternoon.

Infrared gun finds surface temperatures as high as 179.9 F

It's hot! How hot is it? We took the temperature of several surfaces around Wichita one scorching midafternoon this week and found things — and people — to be way above the 104 heat.

Oklahoma, Missouri look into heat-related deaths

Health officials in Missouri and Oklahoma investigated new heat-related deaths Wednesday, as Oklahoma expanded its drought emergency statewide.

Drum corps pushes on in punishing heat

Students in the Teal Sound Drum & Bugle Corps practiced in the heat Monday at Valley Center High School for their competition tonight at Wichita State University.

Heat taking toll on air conditioning, utility bills

Air conditioners throughout the Wichita metropolitan area are raising the white flag of surrender as an intense summer heat wave continues. Businesses that sell and service air conditioners have been inundated with calls over the recent string of 100-degree days.

Week of heat ahead; Augusta restricts water usage

If Wichita had a Mount Rushmore for hot summers, two years would be on it: 1936 and 1980. They may well be joined by 2011.

Midwest, South swelter as triple-digit highs drag on

DALLAS — The temperature setting is stuck on broil across a swath of the Midwest and South, with Dallas and Oklahoma City sweltering through 100-degree heat for at least 10 days in a row.

111 degrees: It's a record in Wichita

The heat wave of 2011 reached rarely visited territory in Wichita Sunday, when the high hit 111.

Wichita area's weather radar upgrade starts

Installation of the next generation of weather radar — known as dual polarization — has begun at the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service.

Kansas storm losses likely to push insurance higher

Apart from the hassle, the swirl of severe weather, along with the high price of oil, is shaking up insurance rates and the cost and availability of roofing materials.

Greensburg shares lessons of rebuilding

They have been trekking from the east to a small town in central Kansas in search of guidance. In search of wisdom.

More options for Kansas farmers in drought

The Kansas Department of Agriculture announced more options Thursday for farmers in drought-stricken counties.

Heat threatens crops, livestock

A heat wave engulfing Kansas for the next few days is threatening cattle in the state's feedlots while further stressing farm crops and rangeland already struggling with drought.

Oppressive heat, humidity expected in Wichita area

Hot, sultry days with highs touching or topping 100 can be expected through Monday, local forecasters say.

Joplin cleanup brings windfall in landfill fees

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. —A deadly tornado that devastated Joplin could result in federal authorities paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in landfill dumping fees to Missouri and Kansas.

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