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More than 3 million lose power after snow storm

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. —When winter's white mixes with autumn's orange and gold, nature gets ugly.

Big snow may be ahead

It could be a snowy winter for Wichita, if one forecasting agency's prediction proves accurate. AccuWeather is predicting nearly 50 percent more snow for the Wichita area this winter — and then an early end to the cold weather, perhaps by late February.

Governor updates drought list

The continuing drought across Kansas prompted Gov. Sam Brownback on Wednesday to add 13 counties to the list of those facing "drought emergencies."

Drought places Kansas on fire danger alert

Much of Kansas — including the Wichita area — will resemble a tinder box for the next couple of days, with conditions combining to make any open fire dangerous, officials say.

Kansas heat mutes autumn

The record-breaking heat wave of 2011 didn't just make our summer miserable. It's also taking a bite out of our fall.

Are tornado sirens used too often?

The deadliest year for tornadoes in decades has prompted calls by weather and emergency officials for sweeping changes in how warnings are issued and tornado sirens are used.

Joplin seeks clearer tornado warnings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Many Joplin residents either ignored or were slow to react to the first warning sirens about a massive and deadly tornado this spring, partially because of years of false alarms, the government said Tuesday.

Giant hailstones better recorded in social media

The radar map looked like a textbook setup for a stormy day in May, but this was mid-September.

Flood repairs along rivers to cost $2 billion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —The Army Corps of Engineers estimates it will cost more than $2 billion to repair the damage to the nation's levees, dams and riverbanks caused by this year's excessive flooding, a sum that dwarfs $150 million it currently has to make such repairs and that doesn't account for damage from Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Lee.

Some Dust Bowl years weren't this hot

No matter how you slice it, local weather officials say, this was a rare summer for Wichita.

Andover tornado key in Doppler radar test

The tornado that struck the Wichita area 20 years ago is one of the deadliest in Kansas history.

Storm's remnants spawn tornadoes, deluge South

ATLANTA — The slow-moving remnants of Tropical Storm Lee dumped a torrent of rain across the South on Monday and whipped up twisters that damaged dozens of Georgia homes as the storm system pushed farther inland. One death was reported, and at least one person was injured.

Lee inundates the Gulf Coast

SAUCIER, Miss. —Lee dumped more than a foot of rain in New Orleans and spun off tornadoes elsewhere Sunday as its center came ashore in a slow crawl north that raised fears of inland flash flooding in the Deep South and beyond.

Heat finally breaks; relieved Wichitans go outside to play

It was so cool Sunday, the YMCA shut down its outdoor water parks.

Hot days in Wichita: 51 and counting

This summer officially blazed its way into Wichita history Thursday, when the temperature hit 100 for the 51st time. Triple digits arrived at 11:39 a.m., according to the National Weather Service, lifting 2011 to the top of the list of most 100-degree days in the city.

Hot days, broken record: Wichita will likely break mark for 100-degree days today

When the temperature hits 100 today — and that's a given, local meteorologists say — it'll become official: There's never been a summer like this in Wichita.

Summer '11 among Wichita's all-time hottest

This sizzling summer matched the summer of 1980 for number of days in the 100s on Wednesday, while handily setting a record high for the date.

After Indiana stage collapse, Kansas fair officials extra mindful of weather

With the deadly stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair fresh in their minds, Kansas State Fair officials will gather with authorities this week to review how to keep such a tragedy from happening in Hutchinson.

Storms welcome relief

A monthlong stretch of hot, steamy weather was broken Wednesday as early-morning storms stomped through the area, causing significant damage in parts of Kansas and cutting power to thousands of area homes and businesses.

What to do about damaged trees

Lots of trees were damaged by the storm that blew through the Wichita area on Wednesday night. Here are some pointers from Ward Upham of Kansas State University and Extension about assessing and taking care of the damage.

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