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New chief of Weather Service branch had eye on sky early

Looking back on it now, Suzanne Fortin says she may have been predestined to land a prominent position at the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service.

Homes damaged near Harper as storms move through Wichita area

A tornado damaged multiple homes west of Harper in Harper County on Saturday night.

More places to take shelter in Tornado Alley towns

It’s been more than 20 years since a massive tornado decimated about one-third of Andover, killing 13 people in the Golden Spur mobile home park.

Mild winter is bad news for spring allergy sufferers

Allergy season has come early this year and hit with a wheezing vengeance in parts of the South and Midwest, including Wichita, thanks largely to an unusually warm winter.

Rains to soak region for a few days

Just in time for spring break, Wichita appears set for several days of rain.

Common misconceptions about tornadoes

Myth: Tornadoes never strike the same place twice.
Fact: Cordell, Kan., had a tornado hit on May 20 three years in a row in 1916, 1917, 1918. In Guy, Ark., three tornadoes hit the same church on the same day.

Read a transcript of today's live chat with Eagle reporter Stan Finger and local meteorologist Chance Hayes.

Read a transcript of today's live chat with Eagle reporter Stan Finger and local meteorologist Chance Hayes.

Weather Service to roll out more detailed warnings in Wichita, Topeka coverage areas

When weather radios start sounding warnings in the Wichita area this spring, the computerized voice nicknamed Chance Storms won’t just alert listeners to severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings. He’ll tell people how bad the storm will be and what type of damage to expect.

Harveyville tornado struck without warning, weather officials say

On radar, the thunderstorm appeared to be weakening.

Wichita’s plants are acting like spring’s already here

Sometimes the first of March slips by unnoticed for being the first day of meteorological spring, giving place to the vernal equinox and the first day of astronomical spring on March 20.

Storms bring record rain to Wichita, set off city sirens

Nearly 3 inches of rain fell in Wichita on Friday – easily breaking the record for the date – but the strong thunderstorms that rolled through the area before dawn contained no severe weather.

Wichita’s warm, dry January is boon to some businesses, bane to others

The winter has felt good to golfers and shoppers and people who have needed work outside.

New USDA plant hardiness map: Wichita’s a little warmer

Wichita has warmed up half a zone, from 6a to 6b, under a new plant hardiness map released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Warmth, sunshine draw Wichitans outdoors

The year is ending on a high-temperature note, and people are taking advantage of it to get in some unseasonable outdoor activities.

Dick Elder, longtime head of Wichita’s National Weather Service office, is retiring

Growing up in a two-story house without air conditioning on the south edge of a small Kansas town in the 1950s, Dick Elder would scoot his bed next to the window to catch what breeze he could.

Winter storm could snarl Tuesday’s commute

A powerful winter storm that stranded motorists in whiteout conditions in New Mexico brought a widespread blizzard as it moved through Kansas on Monday, and weather officials warned it could make the morning commute treacherous in the Wichita area today.

A white Christmas for Wichita? Not likely

Wichita residents hoping for a white Christmas this year aren’t likely to get what they want, forecasters said Wednesday.

Cosmosphere hosts 'Storm Chaser' star

His tornado intercept vehicle is equipped with composite armor, steel and bullet-proof glass.

First snow flurries could fall in Wichita area today

Kansas will get its first widespread taste of winter — and Wichita could see its first snow flurries — from a storm system rolling in from the Rockies this morning.

Northeast works to clean up after early snowstorm

WAYLAND, Mass. —Hundreds of thousands of people across the Northeast shivered at the prospect of days without heat or lights after a freak October snowstorm over the weekend.

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