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To the Stars: The Story of Kansas

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1940-1950 Timeline

Wichita's population grows from 114,966 in 1940 to 168,279 residents by the decade's end, due to an influx of wartime factory workers from rural areas.

1870-1880 Timeline

July 21 — One woman — Catherine McCarty, mother of future outlaw Billy the Kid — and 123 men sign a petition to create the town of Wichita.

Eisenhower's insights: More papers released at Abilene presidential museum

TOPEKA — Newly released documents show President Eisenhower expressed great faith in the capabilities of Earl Warren to serve as U.S. Supreme Court justice.

Historic Kansas cabin an elemental part of folk-song history

SMITH COUNTY — As the sun dips below the skyline and the bone-chilling cold of a long winter's night settles over Brewster Higley's cabin, all signs of the 21st century disappear.

Famous outlaws

Billy the Kid

'Messiah' is an Easter tradition in Lindsborg

LINDSBORG — When the opening strains of Handel's "Messiah" are sounded this Palm Sunday, it will mark one of the oldest Lenten traditions in North America.

Kansas' 150 greatest athletes: Wichita has a grand history of top-flight running backs

The thing with 150 athletes over 150 years of Kansas is that this exclusive fraternity of competitive greatness doesn't make for close ties.

Kansas cattle drive to mark sesquicentennial

At age 61, Jim Gray realizes he is about to take on a job traditionally held by a 20-year-old.

Faith was a key force in the development of Kansas

"You know that Christ once armed Peter. So also in my case, I think he put a sword into my hand, and there continued it, so long as he saw best, and then kindly took it from me."

Cuba, Kansas: A town of doers

CUBA — It is a tiny dot on the big map of Kansas, a blink-and-miss-it-type of town. But with less than 200 residents, this Republic County community near the Nebraska state line has been a symbol of rural America for more than three decades.

Poets visit Wichita to launch new anthology

The poem “Celebrate This Kansas” opens the anthology “Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems” (Woodley Press, 196 pages, $15), a selection of poems celebrating the 150th anniversary of Kansas: Celebrate this sky, this land beyond the measured time that tilts the seasonal light. Those first lines are written by Kansas poet laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, who also edits the volume. The book is a result of Mirriam-Goldberg’s 150 Kansas Poems project, a web-based collection of Kansas poems that can be found at http://150kansaspoems.wordpress.com.

1961-1970 Timeline

August — Learjet breaks ground on a new plant near the Wichita Municipal Airport.

Stars from the Sunflower State

It seems like a long way from the highways and byways of Kansas to the dreamy streets of Hollywood, but from the earliest days of Thomas Edison's "flickers" more than a century ago, Kansans of every talent stripe have been trekking westward to make movie and TV magic.

Art in Kansas has a long and varied history

Describing Kansas art in generalities is difficult, even for the most esteemed art historians in the state. It shares geography — and some would say a general spirit.

1900-1910 Timeline

L. Frank Baum publishes "The Wizard of Oz."

Today's Trivia

Notorious crimes have intrigued Kansans

Some crimes on Kansas soil have chilled and fascinated us — so unthinkable they draw people to the crime scenes for years.

1541-1860: New worlds and Indian territory

It began as a tug-of-war between cultures and empires. Spain wanted us. France did, too. Neither empire considered the native tribes already on the soil.

Native Americans: the first Kansans

Go anywhere in Kansas and the influence of the Native American tribes who lived on this land is there.

Kansas: state of skywatchers

Through tornadoes and droughts, floods and blizzards, we Kansans have weathered storms.

Weather has shaped our land.

It has defined us.

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