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Osborne County man was ‘Babe Ruth of horseshoes’

In the world of horseshoe pitching, there were few better than Ted Allen.

Wichita pilot Chuck Fisher, ‘Mr. B-52,’ saved plane from crash

An experimental test pilot for 27 years at Boeing, Wichita’s Chuck Fisher became a media sensation in 1964 when he was piloting a B-52 bomber about 500 feet over mountainous terrain in southeastern Colorado and the bomber suddenly hit wind turbulence.

Old Cowtown Museum seeks photographs of vintage Kansas baseball teams

“The baseball mania has reached us. What with the Indian scare, the drought, the chinch bugs and the grasshopper, truly we are badly afflicted; but as a supplement to this grand drama of misery our callow youths have inaugurated the “National Game” in the midst of us. What shall we do to circumvent their match-inations? Answer Eldorado Club, ditto Sedgwick Club-ergo Senegambian Club, or any club-footed grangers”

Love of Flint Hills unites musicians, concertgoers, volunteers (2012)

The wind wasn’t the only thing sweeping across the tallgrass prairie Saturday morning before the seventh annual Symphony in the Flint Hills.

Three-story cactus in Chase on the verge of blooming

After 53 years of marriage, Joyce Ward says Ed is one of those husbands who don’t give presents often.

Coffeyville man creates ICEE

It was an idea born as a fluke.

Famed Dodge City dentist was also a dairy farmer and sculptor

As a frontier dentist, O.H. Simpson seldom hesitated to make do with primitive materials.

Elk River trail ‘never takes the easy way’

From the Rockies to the Appalachians, Steve Siebele has hiked and backpacked hundreds of miles through country as rugged as it is beautiful, spending his nights camping beneath the stars.

Ad Astra: Larabee family poured money into Stafford

They were a family strangely out of place among dirt-poor farmers.

Fire, sticks, marshmallows – and a world record for Marion County?

It’s a wacky world record some Marion County folks are trying to set, but with enough fire, sticks and marshmallows, they think they can do it.

As skyline has changed in Greensburg, so has culture

The only thing more amazing than seeing a row of space-agey buildings rising from western Kansas plains is the fact that there’s anything there at all.

Migrating birds get a jump on spring; many spotted in Kansas

Nestled in the trees throughout Wichita and Kansas, there is a cacophony of sound particularly when the sun sets and rises.

‘Home on the Range’ cabin wins grant, but needs more funds

The 140-year-old cabin where Brewster Higley wrote the words to what is now the Kansas state song, “Home on the Range,” received a $24,600 grant this past month to help in the cabin’s restoration efforts.

As oil, gas ‘fracking’ gains popularity in Kansas, so does safety debate

The national debate over fracking has darkened a good-news story for the country: horizontal multistage hydrofracking has reversed the growth of imported oil and natural gas, created hundreds of thousands of American jobs and, in the case of natural gas, dramatically cut prices. In the past few months, the fracking debate moved to Kansas as large companies using horizontal multistage hydrofracking started drilling in Sumner, Harper, Barber and Comanche counties.

Ambrose sisters made their name in New York

This is one in a series of vignettes celebrating Kansas history. The series’ name comes from the state motto, Ad astra per aspera: To the stars through difficulties.

Kansas business coalition: Allow illegal immigrants to stay, work

A coalition of business groups will propose Kansas start a new program to help some illegal immigrants remain in the state so they can hold down jobs in agriculture and other industries with labor shortages, coalition representatives disclosed Tuesday.

New documents show more was spent on Kansas Bioscience Authority legal fees

New documents show that the Kansas Bioscience Authority has spent about $122,000 in public funds, nearly twice as much as previously reported, on legal fees for two former executives facing a criminal investigation.

Annie Diggs championed women’s right to vote

This is one in a series of vignettes celebrating Kansas history. The series’ name comes from the state motto, “Ad astra per aspera: "To the stars through difficulties."

Measure proposes Cairn terrier – Toto’s breed – as state dog of Kansas

We’ve got a state insect, bird, song, animal and tree.

Kansas Day events honor state’s 151st anniversary

Kansas celebrates its 151st birthday on Sunday.Over the next few days and weeks, Kansans will celebrate with a variety of events.

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