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Corrections Dept. to seek funds to build cell blocks at El Dorado

With state prisons operating near capacity, the Kansas Department of Corrections has completed plans to build two cell blocks at the El Dorado Correctional Facility. The 512 new beds would make El Dorado, which opened in 1991, the state’s largest prison.

Police identify Smithville man as the person who died after fight at Arrowhead

Kyle Van Winkle worked in the banking industry, and it’s still unclear how he died. Police on Monday searched the home of an Independence man who was jailed overnight in the case.

Flying Circus important part of Kansas aviation history

What were they thinking, those early barnstormers who took to the skies in planes barely strung together with fabric and wood?

Ad Astra: First female head of Kaw Nation ‘finest example of what an Indian should be’

In her day, Lucy Tayiah Eads made history.

Kansans led land rush into Indian Territory

On this date – 124 years ago – at high noon, the world exploded into Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.

Sacred springs now covered by Glen Elder Reservoir

Early Indian tribes believed some places were more sacred than others and were the spots where humans and the supernatural mingled.

Emily Morgan played crucial role during Alaska diphtheria epidemic

It has been nearly nine decades since Emily Morgan, a Kansas native, drew the attention of the world and was nicknamed the “Angel of the Yukon.”

Kansas tree experiment now a well-established arboretum

More than a century ago, an Indiana schoolteacher came to Kansas to conduct a scientific experiment that would eventually involve the U.S. government.

Boston Corbett moved to Kansas after John Wilkes Booth shooting

He was the man who mortally wounded President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin – and was perhaps one of the most colorful and certifiably insane figures to emerge in Kansas history.

In 1970s, farmers traveled to D.C. to demonstrate

It’s been 34 years since the nation’s news was filled with reports of feisty farmers.

Kansan helped J.C. Penney expand

Earl Corder Sams was a Kansan who believed in looking for employees who shared the same Midwestern values that helped shape him.

Wichita’s Chance connection to Wikipedia

Anytime you use Wikipedia, think Wichita.

Robert ‘Aitch’ Aitchison loved books and art

He was known simply as “Aitch.”

Pet Kansas badger once roamed White House

Randall, the narrator of the viral Honey Badger video on the Internet, announced earlier this summer he thinks a Honey Badger ought to run for president and form a Honey Badger political party.

Madge Blake stood out in small roles

In her day, Madge Blake had a recognizable face and voice.

Solomon Butler was first black Kansan to compete in Olympics, in 1920

Solomon Butler, who spent part of his childhood in Wichita, was the first African-American from Kansas to compete in the Olympics.

19th-century Wichita was riddled with vice

By Old West standards, the age of the gunfighter was from 1865 to 1900.

Creator of ‘Geech’ comic strip grew up in Wichita

Jerry Bittle, creator of the nationally-syndicated comic strips “Geech” and “Shirley and Son,” capitalized on a life that was as laid-back as possible.

When war ended, Wichita erupted in celebration

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Catholic Charities of Kansas launches $1.4 million program to promote marriage

Catholic Charities of Kansas has launched a statewide campaign to promote the values and benefits of marriage.

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