Every patient, every time: What to expect with patient-centered care

02/24/2012 12:00 AM

02/24/2012 9:54 AM

By now you have heard the good news that Galichia Heart Hospital has joined the health-care family of Wesley Medical Center. This acquisition joins two high-quality hospitals to strengthen patient care, improve medical outcomes and provide services more conveniently.

The addition of Galichia to Wesley’s network of medical facilities illustrates that our expert care is now available everywhere for everyone. An important example is emergency care, which depends to a high degree on location. Wesley now has three emergency departments conveniently located throughout Wichita: our main emergency room at Central and Hillside, Wesley West at 13th Street and Tyler, and now the Galichia emergency room at 2600 N. Woodlawn. Open 24 hours every day, these facilities are staffed by physicians who specialize in emergency care for patients of all ages and have ready access to other specialty physicians and hospital care when needed.

Convenience for the patient is one example of what is most important in health care today. We call it patient-centered care. This philosophy and the practical initiatives it embodies represent a transition from patient dependence to empowerment. It is a team approach, placing the patient in the center of decision-making regarding treatment and care while ensuring that the patient has immediate input as to the quality of their care.

Whether you need emergency, inpatient or outpatient care, quality is a major focus of all Wesley facilities. Through research of the most cutting-edge care, diligent adherence to “best practices” and continual improvement in technology and staff education, Wesley strives for quality in all areas.

That is why Wesley ranks in the top 5 percent of hospitals nationwide for overall recommended care. Both Wesley and Galichia rank very high among hospitals in the nation when it comes to caring for those with heart attacks and heart failure. These are only a few of several high-quality ratings earned by these two facilities. You can learn more at www.whynotthebest.org.

At the heart of our care is our belief in treating each patient as an individual, with individual needs, viewpoints, concerns and personalities. Not only does our staff care for the health needs of patients, but for their emotional and spiritual needs as well. We constantly practice the motto “Every patient, every time” on a daily basis.

Three areas that focus on individual patients are the Patient Action Line, intentional “rounding,” and bedside reporting.

The Patient Action Line is available 24/7 for patients and family members to call when they have a question or concern. They will promptly receive a visit from a hospital leader who will seek to answer their questions or resolve their concern.

Another patient-centered initiative is intentional rounding. This process involves room-to-room visits by hospital administrators, directors and managers several times per week to ask patients about their experience and how to improve their hospital stay. This includes verifying nurse-patient communication, ensuring the room is clean and reviewing the level of comfort with the patient.

Finally, many patients and family members feel they have less control once they’re in the hospital. Wesley intentionally has nurse “hand-offs” which occur in front of the patient. This provides ample opportunity for patient questions to be addressed with the nurse who was in charge of care and the nurse who will be taking over. We also leave notepads in all of our patients’ welcome folders to prompt patients and family members to list their questions so they won’t forget when the physicians and nurses are present.

All of these efforts to move the patient to the center of decision-making have been part of Wesley Medical Center and Galichia Heart Hospital. We are excited to share them with you.

Our goal is to ensure that patients are not only satisfied with their care, but highly pleased with the excellence of their care. We welcome input from patients and their families to help personalize care for a superior hospital experience. In fact, you can call our Patient Action Line at 316-962-7377 to share your thoughts today. Our community deserves the best health care available, and Wesley is leading that effort by putting the patient first each and every time.

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