What Waste Connections does with your unsorted recycling

11/18/2011 5:00 AM

11/18/2011 7:49 PM

Don Rogers hears you whispering about that unsorted recycling you leave on your curb.

But you’re wrong. Despite the rumors, it doesn’t go to the landfill. It does get recycled.

Face it, we trust the RecycleBank. We don’t ask questions when we put unsorted recycling in that tan Waste Connections container. They say they recycle it, so we believe them. If they don’t, we don’t want to know.

Some people have seen the Waste Connections recycle trucks pull into the transfer station, near the old landfill.

“If everyone ever tells you, ‘I saw the recycling truck go to the transfer station and they’re just throwing that away,’ please correct them,” said Rogers, who works with Stutzman Refuse Disposal in Hutchinson.

For the past year, Stutzman has handled the single-stream recycling for Waste Connections. Every day, Stutzman trucks about 70 percent of its recycling from the transfer station in Sedgwick County. They sort it, so you don’t have to.

This video shows how it’s done:

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