Profiles of the Greensburg High Class of 2007

05/20/2007 1:01 AM

01/24/2008 5:15 PM

Kristen Alderfer

Activities: Played volleyball and worked at Dillons, bagging and stocking

What she lost: Because she lives outside Greensburg, her home was unaffected, and "I got all my stuff out of my (school) locker the next day, so I really am one of the lucky ones."

Plans: Attend Fort Hays State University and major in agribusiness

Devin Bundy

Activities: Football, golf

What he lost: His family's homes and cars. "I've pretty much given up" on recovering any belongings.

Plans: Attend Kansas State University. He is undecided on a course of study.

LeVon Crotts

Activities: Music (plays guitar, trumpet, piano and other instruments)

What he lost: His home and many possessions, including a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro and his prized Gibson SG electric guitar

Plans: Attend Pratt Community College and major in music

Tyler Cunningham

Activities: Football, golf, worked every weekend for a farmer

What he lost: His family's house outside Greensburg was spared.

But he was at his older brother's house in Greensburg when the storm hit, and lost his pickup and laptop computer. His brother "lost a 1971 Corvette Stingray, cherry red."

Plans: Attend Barton County Community College on a full scholarship. He plans to pursue a business degree.

Kendra Friesen

Activities: Forensics, tennis

What she lost: Besides her family's home and vehicles, "my prom dress, which I loved. It was dark purple."

Plans: Attend either Wichita State University or Pratt Community College, majoring in business and marketing

Josh Goodman

Activities: Designed a computer PowerPoint show for commencement, which his sister was able to save; played percussion in the band

What he lost: "My house. Everything."

Plans: Attend DeVry University in Kansas City and study computer information systems

Slade Headrick

Activities: Football, basketball, track, co-valedictorian

What he lost: His shop project --"a computer desk I'd been working on since the beginning of the year." It was in the high school, which was destroyed.

Plans: Attend Kansas State University and major in mechanical engineering

Kelsey Heft

Activities: Sports, including basketball, volleyball and track; co-valedictorian

What she lost: Her ceramics project -- a set of tall, hand-painted vases that she had planned to give her mom for Mother's Day. They were still at school, almost finished, when the tornado hit.

Plans: Attend Friends University on a basketball scholarship. She hopes to major in English and eventually go to law school.

Cassie Heinson

Activities: Cheerleading, volleyball, track

What she lost: Cassie's family lives outside of town, so their home was spared. "I feel guilty," she said. "I know I won't take anything for granted ever again."

Plans: Attend Fort Hays State University and pursue a business degree

Brenden Jantz

Activities: Football, basketball, golf

What he lost: His home, clothes, basketball medals and his two trucks, including a fully restored '72 Chevy pickup

Plans: Attend Pratt Community College and major in farm and ranch management. "I'm just going to go two years, come back and help my dad on the farm."

Jeremiah Jantz

Activities: Class president, vocal music

What he lost: His home, his 2004 Dodge pickup and most of his possessions. "But that's OK," he said. He's glad his border collie, Maggie, survived.

Plans: Attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Okla. He is undecided on a major.

Cody Lothman

Activities: Football

What he lost: His home escaped damage, since the family lives about four miles east of Greensburg.

Plans: He's harvesting wheat over the next several months, from Texas to North Dakota. He plans to attend college in January, probably Pratt Community College or Barton County Community College, and major in farm and ranch management.

Daniel Martin

Activities: Football, track and power lifting

What he lost: His dad's house and his grandparents' house

Plans: He'll spend the summer helping his family salvage things and rebuild. Then he will attend Sterling College on a football scholarship.

Nicole "Nicky" Mayes

Activities: Forensics, cheerleading, drama

What she lost: "Our house, which is mostly still standing" but scheduled to be bulldozed. But "that's all just material things," she said. "Not important."

Plans: Attend Pratt Community College and study nursing

Jared Morford

Activities: Football, forensics, "just being crazy"

What he lost: His "Spartan outfit" -- an ensemble that included a cape, helmet and sword like the ones in "300," one of his favorite movies. And a microwave he won at the school's after-prom party.

Plans: Play football at Garden City Community College and get his general education degree

Alex Reinecke

Activities: Football, golf, forensics

What he lost: His family's house was damaged beyond repair. Alex lost a car that he and his dad had recently painted, and "a bunch of pictures and stuff you wish you could get back. But I was extremely fortunate."

Plans: Attend Kansas State University and major in athletics training or sports medicine

Adam Rutschman

Activities: Four-wheeling

What he lost: "Just about everything," he said, including his 1998 Ford Ranger and his four-wheeler that he often took out to ride in Waynoka, Okla.

Plans: Attend college, somewhere. "I want to go in, get my general eds out of the way, then try to figure out what I want to do."

Chadd Senst

Activities: Forensics, drama

What he lost: "My family's house, cars... and all my woodworking projects." He was able to retrieve his class ring, which he has worn ever since.

Plans: Attend Pratt Community College and study auto mechanics

Amber Stegman

Activities: Cheerleading, tennis, played clarinet in the band

What she lost: "All my Dale Jr. stuff." Amber had five boxes of memorabilia from her favorite NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., that were destroyed.

Plans: Attend Barton County Community College, where she plans to cheer. She is undecided on a course of study.

Taryn Stoltenberg

Activities: Volleyball, forensics, track, played trumpet in the band

What I lost: "My grandmother (Colleen Panzer)"

Plans: Attend Pratt Community College and study child development. She hopes to eventually own and manage a preschool.

Ashton Stout

Activities: Basketball, volleyball, track, cheerleading, National Honor Society

What she lost: Of all the belongings lost when her mom's home was destroyed, she most wishes she could get back the "prom stuff," she said. "My prom dress, the engraved (drinking) glasses and my shoes, which I got in Kansas City. They were really pretty."

Plans: Attend Dodge City Community College on a basketball scholarship. She had planned to study biology and become a dentist, but is reconsidering now because "I don't want to work on cadavers."

Sarah Strate

Activities: Basketball

What she lost: Although her home in nearby Kinsley was unaffected by the storm, she said, "it feels like my town blew away. The town I love is gone."

Plans: Attend West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas, and study nursing. She hopes to become a flight nurse.

Tyson Sturgeon

Activities: Working part time for Farmers Spraying Service in Greensburg. On "Make a Difference Day" last November, he and three classmates built a deck for a neighbor.

What he lost: His family's home is "all gone," he said.

Plans: Attend Pratt Community College and get a general education degree. He plans to move away, but has "no idea" where.

Kara Sutton

Activities: Yearbook editor, tennis, student council, National Honor Society

What she lost: "Nothing I can't replace. I'm just thankful my family's all safe."

Plans: Attend Fort Hays State University to study nursing. She hopes to become a flight nurse.

ShaRae Wadel

Activities: Tennis, basketball, track, student council

What she lost: "My room and my parents' room were pretty much destroyed, and we have water damage in the basement," she said. She most regrets losing "pictures that I had -- of classmates, friends, different things we did."

Plans: Attend college. She hasn't decided where, or what she will study.

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