Reid, McConnell clash anew

07/10/2014 11:59 AM

07/10/2014 12:16 PM

The Senate’s leaders went at it again Thursday, each accusing the other side in bitter terms of obstructing progress on almost anything.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell protested Democrats’ “powerful pals on the left.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid charged Republicans are making it harder for the Obama administration to conduct foreign policy. “Is this some payback for me?” he asked.

The latest chapter of this ongoing public feud between the two leaders unfolded on the Senate floor.

“President Obama’s Democrat majority in the Senate has blocked just about everything we’ve proposed—just like they’ve blocked the dozens of jobs bills already passed by the House,” McConnell, R-Ky., charged.

“As just about everyone acknowledges at this point, the Democrat-run Senate has become the place where good ideas go to die,” he contended. “The Democrat leadership won’t even listen to its own members anymore. So it’s no wonder that one Democrat Senator remarked that he’s never experienced a less productive time in his life than ‘right now, in the United States Senate.’

“Well, it’s time for Washington Democrats to stop obstructing jobs and opportunity for the middle class. They need to understand that their powerful pals on the left will continue doing just fine in the Obama Economy. It’s time to stop worrying so much about them, and to start paying more attention to the vast American middle class – to the people who feel like Washington hasn’t been listening to them over the past few years.”

Reid, D-Nevada, turned his attention to foreign policy.

“We have problems all over the world. We have the war in Afghanistan, we have problems in Pakistan, and the Middle East, which every country there is in some form of difficulty. We have problems in the Far East, all kinds of problems there. It's all over the news today,” he said.

“We have the situation in Israel, the Palestinians, rocket fire coming from Palestine, these non-directed missiles, like the 4th of July. The terrorists just set them off. They don't know or care where they go.

“And yet, here we are being held up here from doing the country's work as a result of this stalling, this obstruction, the constant filibusters we have here in the United States Senate.”

He asked, “Who are the Republicans hurting? They're not hurting me. Is this some payback for me? What about the president? He has a country to run, a world to take care of, and we're being held up here. Today we’ll confirm two ambassadors, we only have 27 more to go, in addition to all the other state department nominees.”

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