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June 20, 2014

More than 20,000 remaining Kansas tax refunds won’t go out until July

The state of Kansas still has more than 20,000 tax refunds to distribute, and they won’t go out until July.

The state of Kansas still has more than 20,000 tax refunds to distribute, and they won’t go out until July.

The Department of Administration stops sending out checks around the end of the fiscal year to close and balance the state’s books, said Jeannine Koranda, public information officer for the Department of Revenue.

The revenue department has a backlog of 20,690 individual tax refunds, as of this week, that add up to $10.1 million. By comparison, the department had 24,603 returns to send out at this time last year, Koranda said.

If you haven’t received your refund check yet, it could be for one of three reasons, Koranda said:

• You filed late. Koranda said 5,000 returns have come in the last week. “This is pretty typical each year, it is either people who are filing late or got an extension and are sending in their returns now,” she said in an e-mail.
• Your form is missing paper work and has been placed on a work list.
• Your form is being scrutinized for fraud.

“For the ones that came in previously, if the return is still being processed it is most likely on either a work list or it has been flagged as potentially fraudulent,” Koranda said. “These returns have to be manually reviewed and processed, which obviously takes a lot more time.”

Walt Olson, a retiree in Neodesha, filed back in February but told The Eagle last week that he had not received his refund yet.

“Sixteen weeks for a refund to be issued to me seems ridiculously excessive,” Olson said.

He got a letter in May that his return was missing a document, which he said he promptly sent it in. He said he was told that it would take an additional eight weeks for that form to be processed.

Olson is expecting to receive about $400 back. “It’s not the amount. It doesn’t even hurt me. It’s just the idea of it taking so long,” Olson said. “You know how many people really do need it? And you’ve got to wait 16 weeks to get your money back, I’ll tell you I’ll never get in a position where they owe me again.”

Charles Harris, a retiree in Wichita, said he filed in early April and has not received his refund yet. “You know if I was a second late paying the state they’d fine me for it. They take as long as they want paying it back,” he said.

Koranda said that Kansans who have questions about their return should contact the Department of Revenue at 785-368-8222.

She also emphasized that the department has worked hard to get refunds out in a timely manner.

“The majority of tax refunds were processed at normal speed. Our staff has worked overtime and on the weekends to process these returns as quick as possible,” she said.

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