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February 10, 2014

Congress' latest approval number: 12 percent

Congress' approval rating is staying in double digits.

Congress' approval rating is staying in double digits.

A new Gallup poll, released Monday, found the latest number at 12 percent, unchanged from December but up from the 9 percent low of November.

"Americans continue to have low opinions of the job their elected representatives in Congress are doing, one of a number of measures reflecting the general displeasure the nation's citizens have for their government right now," said a Gallup analysis.

It was unclear what this means for congressional re-election efforts.

"All members of the House and about a third of the Senate are up for re-election this November, but with control of these two bodies in the hands of different parties, it remains difficult to predict how Americans' negative feelings will affect their decisions in the voting booth," Gallup said.

The Feb. 6-9 survey also found Republicans rated Congress significantly higher than Democrats or independents. Republicans control the House of Representatives, while Democrats have a Senate majority.


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