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October 24, 2012

‘Taxpayer’ page on Facebook concerns Sedgwick County officials

The cover photo for the “Sedgwick County Taxpayers” Facebook page features stacks of $100 bills.

The cover photo for the “Sedgwick County Taxpayers” Facebook page features stacks of $100 bills.

The page bills itself as a “government organization” and features the county’s official logo.

But the group is not a government organization, and Sedgwick County is trying to reach the page’s administrator to ask it to remove the logo and stop pretending to be an official government group.

“We would hope that the responsible parties would do the appropriate thing to reflect their page accurately” instead of appearing to be affiliated with Sedgwick County or a government organization, county spokeswoman Kristi Zukovich said in an e-mail. “It is unfortunate that it confuses the public by using our logo and connecting it to the official messages of Sedgwick County government.”

The page had 307 “likes” as of Tuesday afternoon.

The page criticizes District 2 Commissioner Tim Norton, who is running for re-election against Republican Ben Sauceda.

One post urges people to “fire Tim Norton.”

Another shows a “food coupon” with President Obama’s face and says “It is wrong to tax a working person almost to the breaking point then give it to a person who is able to work but refuses to. Tim Norton and Barack Obama: Same Party, Same Goals, Same Ruination.”

Norton said Tuesday that he knows about the page.

“I didn’t want to be aware of it, but I’m aware of it,” he said.

“Based on my years of experience, it’s generally not appropriate to use a government logo unless you’re part of that organization.

“As chairman, I would have to say yes, it concerns me. As the candidate, I am staying out of the conversation. That is for somebody else to have.”

And the county is talking about it.

Zukovich said the county’s legal staff met Tuesday to talk about what steps the county could take, but not knowing who is running the page makes it difficult to take action.

An Eagle reporter commented on the page Tuesday asking for someone to call her, but no one did.

Sauceda said he was aware of the page but said “I have no clue as to who it is.”

He said no one in his campaign was involved with creating the page.

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