Wichita-area matchups for the November election

08/08/2012 5:00 AM

08/08/2014 10:11 AM

November matchups

Here’s how area races stack up for the general election Nov. 6.

U.S. Congress

Thomas Jefferson, L

Mike Pompeo, R (i)

Robert Tillman, D

Kansas Senate

District 14

Eden Fuson, D

Forrest Knox, R

District 25

Timothy Snow, D

Michael O’Donnell, R

Dave Thomas, L

District 27

Diana Cubbage, D

Les Donovan, R (i)

District 28

Keith Humphrey, D

Mike Petersen, R (i)

District 29

Kenya Cox, R

Oletha Faust-Goudeau, D (i)

Carl Kramer, L

District 30

Patrick Cantwell, D

Susan Wagle, R (i)

Kansas House

District 75

Will Carpenter, R

Suzanne Scribner, D

District 79

Larry Alley, R

Ed Trimmer, D (i)

District 81

Jim Howell, R

Barbara Lynn Wells, D

District 83

Carolyn Bridges, D

Tim Garvey, R

District 84

Gordon Bakken, L

Gail Finney, D (i)

Dan Heflin, R

District 85

Rebecca Armstrong, D

Steve Brunk, R (i)

District 86

James Pruden, L

John Stevens, R

Jim Ward, D (i)

District 87

Chris Florquist, D

Mark Kahrs, R

Santana Marie Talbert, L

District 88

Joseph Scapa, R

Patricia M. Sloop, D

District 89

Emanuel Banks, R

Roderick A. Houston, D

District 90

Steve Huebert, R (i)

Merry C. Matthews, D

District 91

Katelyn A. Delvaux, D

Gene Suellentrop, R (i)

District 92

Nile Dillmore, D (i)

Brenda Landwehr, R (i)

District 93

Pamela Frieden, D

George (Joe) Edwards, R

Dan Thimesch, I

District 95

Benny Boman, R (i)

Tom Sawyer, D

District 96

Rick Lindsey, R

Brandon Whipple, D

District 97

Leslie Osterman, R (i)

Dale Swenson, D

District 98

Geraldine Flaharty, D (i)

Phil Hermanson, R (i)

District 100

Daniel R. Hawkins, R

John Wallace Willoughby, D

District 105

Liz Hicks, D

Mark E. Hutton, R

Randall Batson, L

District 116

Kyle D. Hoffman, R (i)

Vincent Wetta, D (i)

Sedgwick County

Commission, District 2

Tim Norton, D (i)

Benjamin Sauceda, R


Jeff Easter, R

Jefrey Weinman, D

18th Judicial District

Division 13

Richard Ballinger, D

Zoe Newton, R

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