January 23, 2014

First Watch: Tarmac diplomacy, School shootings, Zimmerman's latest

Iran and Israel come tail to tail... Third campus alert in three days... Prosecutor painted... Pixelated masterpieces... Bill Cosby returns.

Davos diplomacy: The World Economic Forum continues in Davos, Switzerland today, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani laying the foundations for a more economically solid Iran. In a speech early this morning, Rouhani stressed that a secure economy was imperative in an unstable Middle East. The speech comes on the same day as Rouhani’s regional rival’s, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Coincidentally, their two airplanes were neighbors when they landed.

Campus violence: The University of Oklahoma is resuming normal operations today after false reports of gunshots sent the campus into a lockdown yesterday. It was the third threat of campus violence this week; a student was shot and killed at Indiana’s Purdue University on Tuesday, and another incident at Pennsylvania’s Widener University critically injured a student on Monday night.

Zimmerman's latest: Going on sale today, George Zimmerman's newest painting, this one of Angela Corey, who prosecuted him in the death of Trayvon Martin.

How many clicks does it take? Canvas masterpieces have been pixelated into digital art by The Washington Post. See how quickly you can identify these great works (it took us 12 clicks to recognize "Starry Night").

Cosby returns: And finally, comedian Bill Cosby is making a return to the airwaves. The 76-year-old is helping to develop a new multigenerational family sitcom for NBC. A premiere date has not been announced.

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