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November 3, 2013

Day After: Wichita State 73, Oklahoma Baptist 29

Wichita State junior Darius Carter considers a short hook shot a staple of his scoring routine. Key statistics: WSU held the Bison to one basket in the first half and led 31-8.

How the game turned: If you were there for the opening tip, you saw it.

Records: WSU played its lone exhibition game. OBU, ranked No. 2 in NAIA Division is 1-0 after opening the season earlier. coverage Bob Lutz: Fred VanVleet knows the importance of a point guard.

Defense rules the night at Koch Arena.

Post-game video from Evan Wessel, Ron Baker.

I’m not sure who last relied on the hook shot at Koch Arena – Jamie Arnold? Gene Wiley? Bob Hodgson? Junior Darius Carter is going old-school with his shot selection. True, it’s not a full, sweeping wind-up hook like you might see in a black-and-white game film, but it’s definitely a hook shot. “That’s definitely my go-to move,” Carter said. “My coach at Vincennes (Ind.) University, he focused on that a lot; he wanted us to have a strong, go-to move.” Carter scored six points on Saturday, making his first hook shot and converting a three-point play in the game’s opening minutes and then missing his next four shots. “It’s hard to stop,” he said. “I like to shoot mine high and I have long arms, so it’s hard for anybody to block. When I play against guys, sometimes afterwards, they’ll tell they can’t do nothing about it.” WSU coach Gregg Marshall prefers, in some cases, a stronger move to hoop which might create a basket and a free throw. “It’s kind of a throwback move, isn’t it,” Marshall said. “It reminds me of some old NBA guys.” Marshall stretched to come up with areas of concern. He wants his bigs to rebound more fiercely. He wasn’t sold on Cleanthony Early’s defense, and that’s likely to be a recurring theme as Marshall pushes Early to develop all his skills. “The stuff we’ll show him in video, he’ll certainly cringe a little bit defensively,” Marshall said. “He had silly foul one time. He’s just got to defend well so he can stay on the court.” Early, who missed practices last week due to a concussion and came off the bench to play 18 minutes, scored 10 points and led WSU with seven rebounds. One result of the NCAA’s new officiating rules is that taking charges is out of vogue and blocked shots are in (which must drive coaches such as Marty Simmons and Ben Jacobson to distraction). Midway through the first half, officials whistled Evan Wessel for a blocking foul and Marshall pointed to the play as an example of the change. “That call, last year is a charge, and this year is a block,” Marshall said. “There are going to be no charges. You better be there and better be a monument, maybe a few quotes by you on a big granite or stone plaque, before you get a charge these days.” Marshall is weighing his redshirt options, which come down to freshman post Shaq Morris and freshman guard Ria’n Holland. Some season, it’s an easy choice Ron Baker wanted to redshirt. There were no minutes for Derail Green last season. Morris and Holland, from what I can tell, are talented enough it’s tempting to let them play. On the other hand, both are behind more experienced players. Marshall will be weighing the chances that Morris and/or Holland will be a significant contributor by January vs. the tantalizing prospect of a fifth-year success story. It appears one of them will redshirt. Next up: vs. Emporia State, 1 p.m., Nov. 9

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