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January 5, 2012

Cotton Bowl Countdown: John Hubert closing in on 1,000 rushing yards

How easy is it to focus on Collin Klein as the driving force of Kansas State’s rushing attack?

I’ll let Wildcats co-offensive coordinator Dana Dimel answer.

“In putting game plans together I started to find we were putting in a ton of quarterback run game,” Dimel said. “And at times I had to catch myself and say, ‘Hold on a second. John Hubert has a chance to be a 1,000-yard rusher.’ You’ve got to make sure you give him some touches, too.

“That’s what I would find ourselves doing, getting engulfed into what Collin could do and start forgetting that we have some tailback run game, as well.”

Some pretty good tailback run game, too. Not as good as the last two years, when current NFL running back Daniel Thomas was the focal point of the offense, but pretty good.

John Hubert, a sophomore running back out of Waco, Texas, is the best running back on the roster, and he is closing in on a 1,000-yard season. Few would have predicted that before the season, but Hubert steadily worked his way to 933 yards. He had a breakout game against Miami (166 yards and a touchdown) as well as a huge game against Iowa State (120 yards and a touchdown).

With another quality game, he will end the season with 1,000 yards. (more…)

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