The Job Hunt: When is it time to quit your job?

09/03/2014 8:52 PM

09/04/2014 9:24 AM

So you hate your job.

Quit if you want, job consultants say.

But if you’re smart, you will tamp down your frustrations.

Take a deep breath.

Quit only when you’ve lined up a job to go to.

Some people have no choice but to quit.

“If you’re suffering under a situation where there’s harassment, verbal, sexual or physical, you might have to quit,” job consultant Chris Wallace said. “A lot of people put up with it. You don’t have to.”

“Issues with integrity – that’s a reason to quit,” said Alicia Holloway, a job consultant. “If they are flirting with breaking the law, are not telling truth to customers, are sweeping problems under the rug. If they are creating HR (human resources) issues – favoritism or cronyism. And if you have done all you can to work this out, and can’t do it – then you might have to quit.”

But ask yourself whether wrongdoing is the real problem.

Rhandalee Hinman, a job consultant, said her work and her husband’s career (involving both Spirit AeroSystems and its union) have made her familiar with workplace disagreements.

“You’re not always going to agree with all directives you’ve been given,” she said. “But when you reach the point where you are continually frustrated, and can’t support the person giving you direction – at that point there’s not much in your job that has to do with your skills.”

Wallace can tick off the signs saying “quit.” Do you dread Mondays? Is your own job performance dropping? Are you bored, stagnating, not learning anything? Do you not respect your boss? Is this situation diminishing your life, marriage, relationships, self-image, health, and level of stress?

If so, you have a problem.

But is it possibly your problem? Your behavior?

Before you quit, look honestly at yourself, Holloway said.

“If you don’t do that, you may find another job, but you have not cleaned your own house – and you’ve taken your problems to that next job,” she said.

“The buck stops with you.”

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