August 31, 2014

Good Deeds: Volunteer enjoys introducing next generation to art

April Johnson volunteers because she says she likes being part of something larger than life.

April Johnson volunteers because she says she likes being part of something larger than life.

“I pick and choose where I spend my time,” said Johnson, 40, who also volunteers with the Junior League, Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas and the Tallgrass Film Festival.

“There is no glamorous answer except that I enjoy it.”

She started volunteering at the Wichita Art Museum in 2008 and has since served on many of the museum’s boards and committees that plan special events, including the Color fundraiser and now the Color Party for middle school students, scheduled for Sept. 12.

“I fell in love with the annual Color Party,” she said. “The group of people are such fun and enthusiastic.”

The color events, Johnson said, include picking a color as a theme to the party and having the food, decorations, drinks and people dress in that color. The events serve as fundraisers for the museum but they also serve to introduce people to the love of art.

The Color Party event on Sept. 12 is open to any middle school student in the Wichita area. Tickets are $15 for the students. It includes food, drinks, a photo booth and a dance.

Parents don’t have to buy tickets but can hang out in the museum’s cafe while the event goes on.

It is an event, Johnson says, that introduces the next generation to art.

“I grew up in Riverside around all those museums,” Johnson said. “Grandma was always taking me to the art museum when I was growing up.

“When I got re-introduced to it, it opened up a new door for me. I wasn’t an avid art lover, but I just enjoyed being exposed to this new world of art and what was behind it. So many people are passionate about art and art collecting that I learn something new every time.”

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