New horses win over Old Cowtown Museum’s staff

08/21/2014 9:53 AM

08/21/2014 4:49 PM

There are some new faces in town.

Meet Dee and Molly, two sisters from Oswego.

The two spent last week getting acclimated to Old Cowtown Museum’s living history complex. On Monday, they began in earnest pulling a wagon throughout the grounds, according to David Flask, director of Old Cowtown.

The two black Percheron draft horses were already in the process of being purchased by Cowtown when Tim died last month. Tim and Barney were the two Percherons who had pulled thousands of visitors around Cowtown since 1997.

Barney remains at Cowtown and is kept at the DeVore farm field at Cowtown where he can still interact with guests, Flask said.

But more importantly, Barney is also with a herd, now -- a mixture of some of Cowtown’s other animal staff: Dan, another horse; and Rosie and Daisy, a Shorthorn mother and daughter, said Mike Tracy, Cowtown’s blacksmith teamster.

“They do things together as a herd,” Tracy said. “They go out to the hay bale as a herd, graze as a herd and then see visitors by the barn together. He (Barney) seems to have adjusted.”

In the meantime, Dee, age 7 and Molly, age 8 are winning over the hearts of Cowtown’s staff.

“They are very sweet-natured,” Tracy said. “They are nice, calm horses. The biggest thing, they have to be well-adjusted in order to be safe out here.”

In the mornings, when Tracy arrives at Cowtown, Dee and Molly walk up and nuzzle him with their noses. And, they have quickly been adjusting to the various sights and sounds that Cowtown offers: gunshots, shouting, cats walking across the dusty streets, and people -- especially, large groups of children.

The two had previously been farm horses and occasionally pulled wagons in a pumpkin patch, Tracy said.

Dee and Molly will have to be up for public outings because Aug. 30 marks one of Cowtown’s most popular events, Age of the Gunfighter. And, Sept. 14 is the night of Cowtown’s Wine Mosey.

“They should be able to do whatever we expect of them,” Tracy said. “They took notice at first of the gunshots, but for them taking notice is putting their ears up and looking at something. That’s their response.”

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