August 16, 2014

What you REALLY need in your dorm room

Going into my freshman year of college, I had no idea what I needed for my dorm room. So I bought it all.

On move-in day, I ended up sending home a number of things I had purchased for my dorm but realized I didn’t actually need. Now that my time in the dorm is over, I know exactly what I do and don’t need for housing next year.

My top six dorm essentials are as follows. You can find them all on DormCo.com, a one-stop shop for dorm items and one of many websites offering dorm furnishings and accessories.

• Mattress toppers: Dorm mattresses aren’t exactly luxurious, so I highly recommend purchasing a foam pad and/or featherbed to put under the mattress pad. They make a huge difference; my bunk was comfortable, and I actually enjoyed sleeping in it.

You can find mattress toppers on DormCo starting at $30.

• Over-door organizers: My roommates and I used two door organizers: one to hold shoes and the other to hold all of our shower supplies. They are great space savers.

DormCo sells a variety of these organizers in different sizes and colors, with prices beginning at $5.

• Triple-sorter laundry bag: These laundry bags are great because they have three sections so you can separate your laundry loads. They are mesh and have handles so you can carry them to and from the laundry room with ease.

DormCo sells them for $9.

• Shower sandals: If you have to use a communal shower, invest in a pair of shower shoes. They come in a variety of styles for both men and women.

DormCo sells them for as low as $4.

• Mini-fridge: A mini-fridge is ideal for any size dorm room. Purchase a decent-sized fridge so there’s plenty of room for water bottles and snacks. My roommates and I had three fridges among the four of us, so they are definitely worth the investment.

Fridges on DormCo start at about $100.

• Floor and desk lamps: Some schools provide desk lamps for students, but if your school doesn’t, it’s a good idea to purchase one. I also suggest buying a floor lamp.

Lamps are ideal for the times when your roommate is sleeping and the overhead lights are off or when you don’t want the harsh room lights on.

DormCo offers a large variety of lamps, beginning at $25.

If you’re like me, you will show up to school with too much stuff. But that’s OK; it never hurts to be prepared.

Once you move in, you will be able to get a better idea of what will fit in your room and what you actually need with you at school.

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