March 18, 2010

SEARCHABLE DATABASE: Restaurant inspections throughout Kansas in 2009

Kansas Department of Agriculture figures show that 654 of the 13,858 inspections of food service establishments conducted in 2009 — about 4.7 percent — turned up six or more critical violations of the Kansas Food Code.

Records show that 123 inspections turned up 10 or more critical violations, and four inspections found 17 such violations. Violations are considered critical if they are likely to contribute to food-borne illness or injury, food contamination or environmental health hazards.

Six or more such violations require another inspection within 10 days. More than 28 percent of the inspections uncovered no critical violations, and 16 percent found no violations of any kind.

Read the full story: "Restaurant inspectors take on detective role" by Fred Mann and Hurst Laviana.

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SOURCE: Kansas Department of Agriculture

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