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GOP candidates for Sedgwick County Commission to appear at forum

The four Republican Sedgwick County Commission candidates in competitive primaries are scheduled to square off at a campaign forum at the party’s monthly meeting Thursday.

Wichita has lively, interesting – even rowdy – past

Wichita does not look a day over 144.

Kansas gets $31.8 million from federal tax, welfare debtor program

Kansas got $31.8 million last year from a little-known U.S. Treasury Department program that helps states collect on debts owed by tax deadbeats and welfare cheats.

CityArts holding party to celebrate 10th anniversary

For the past decade, CityArts has been a visible experience in Old Town.

Goddard graduate hopes for permanent role in new-concept TV sitcom

Wichita native and Goddard graduate Cody Griffis is living his acting dream in California, where he was recently cast in a new-concept TV sitcom, “Bound by Ad.”

Track KDOT improvement projects online

Each Monday, The Eagle highlights a government record that is available to the public. Open records help people keep government in check and help them better understand how government affects their lives.

Kansas pilots volunteer time, planes to rescue dogs

Sot and Lotto were destined for death.

Good Deeds: Teen volunteers learn job, people skills in Wesley program

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Alderson walks through the emergency room at Wesley Medical Center, eyeing a couple on the bench as they wait outside a hospital room.

Survey aims to help Sedgwick County voters judge the judges

For 12 years, Wichita city assistant attorney and judicial candidate Mike Hoelscher has practiced law in Sedgwick County. He says he has tried to treat everyone with courtesy and respect, “even when our positions were adverse to each other.”

DEA official: Drug seized after triple fatality likely not LSD

It will be weeks before investigators might know the drug that 16-year-old Dominic Stolfi allegedly ingested before driving the wrong way on K-254 and colliding with another car early last Sunday, Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet says.

Air House academy helps budding musicians on path to self-expression

Less than four years after a-then-14-year-old Will Erickson agreed to follow his drum teacher to Air House music academy, he recorded an album in Air House’s studio with an engineer who helped craft albums by Bob Dylan and Guns N’ Roses.

Pieces of history: Alliance works to preserve Wichita’s heritage (VIDEO)

Some of the artifacts from Wichita’s most treasured past sit in warehouses across the city.

In modern-day Kansas, cowboys practice an ancient art (VIDEO)

Meet the modern-day wrangler: Cowboys and cowgirls commenced a roundup at the first break of light one day this week in the Flint Hills.

2014 Riverfest sees rise in attendees, button sales

This year’s Riverfest saw more sponsorship, more attendees and more button sales.

NetApp finds ‘secret source’ of IT talent in Wichita

Joel Reich says he knows what the future looks like, at least in part.

What the undoing of Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban could mean for Kansas

A federal appeals court ruled against Oklahoma’s state ban on same-sex marriage Friday, but same-sex couples can’t get married in the state until an appeal is heard. Kansas is under jurisdiction of the 10th Circuit Court, meaning its decisions eventually could invalidate Kansas’ constitutional prohibition on same-sex marriage.

Americans for Prosperity mailer part of smear campaign, says Kansas GOP legislator seeking re-election

It’s primary season. And that means Kansans can expect to receive political postcards warning them of their lawmakers’ misdeeds, paid for by various interest groups.

Pat Roberts drawing on decades of experience

Sen. Pat Roberts sits in a Lenexa fast-food restaurant, spooning ice cream from a cup.

Milton Wolf says he’s ‘a doctor, not a politician’

Milton Wolf reminds voters, without fail, that he’s new to politics.

Summer about to elbow autumn to the sidelines

It couldn’t last forever. After several days that felt more like autumn than the middle of July, summer’s heat is about to settle over Wichita and much of the region, forecasters say.

“Next week’s going to be hot,” said Jerilyn Billings Wright, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita.

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