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May 8, 2014

Mechanic liens and tax warrants (May 8)

Liens have been filed by:

Mechanic liens

Liens have been filed by:

Frank Wille Service against Gary Loffland, $4,214.

DJ Roofing Supply against LB Roofing, $2,105.

NCRA against Brookridge EDF Housing Investors, doing business as Brookridge Plaza Apartments, $11,567.

Tax warrants

Evergreen Wellness Center and Qizzhi Gao, 9235 E. Harry, $1,282 in sales tax.

Aztec Motors, 3154 S. Broadway, and Andrea G. Hecox, 3937 S. Sabin, $14,997 in sales tax.

DBWK LLC, doing business as Direct Buy of Wichita, 650 N. Carriage Parkway, Suite 55, $52,814 in sales tax.

Schmidt & Associates, 1304 N. Prescott; and Roderic A. Schmidt, 2042 S. St. Francis, $1,453 in withholding tax.

Grand Chapel, 828 N. Broadway, $4,740 in withholding tax.

Allen D. Wilke, doing business as Consolidated Chemical & Refining, 828 N. Broadway; and Allen D. Wilke, 428 Longford Court, $5,613 in withholding tax.

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