Corporate filings (April 17)

04/17/2014 12:00 AM

04/16/2014 4:14 PM

Jai Limbach Llc, 2039 W 21st Street N, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Jeff Mellott Performance Horses, Llc, 12604 E Willowgreen Circle, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Jhsc, Inc., 7701 E. Kellogg, Ste. 820, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Jk Koehler Consulting Llc, 4316 N Eagle Lake Ct, Bel Aire, Ks, 67220

Jl Property Investments Llc, 4601 E Douglas St, Ste 150, Wichita, Ks, 67218

Jo, Llc, 9415 E Harry, Ste 406, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Josh Miller Agency, Llc, 16750 E. 127th St. S., Broken Arrow, Ok, 74011

Judys Club 2 Llc, 1300 S Seneca, Wichita, Ks, 67213

Jwr Management, Llc, P.O. Box 75337, Wichita, Ks, 67275

Kansas Diesel Guys, Llc, 9545 W Ryan Court, Wichita, Ks, 67205

Kathleen R. Reeves, P.A., 245 N. Waco, Suite 260, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Kauaian-Abay L.L.C., 3305 E Douglas, Wichita, Ks, 67218

Kc Llc, 9319 E Harry Street, Suite 122, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Kechi Arts And Business Council, Inc., 220 W Kechi Rd, P.O. Box 88, Kechi, Ks, 67067

Ketzner Rentals, Llc, 5150 N. Ridge Road, Wichita, Ks, 67205

Kgv Investments, Llc, 1423 N Woodland St, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Kim Mcdonald Interiors + Design, Inc., 291 S Brookside St, Wichita, Ks, 67218

Ks Goold, Llc, 2503 N Button Bush Circle, Derby, Ks, 67037

L & L Land Llc, 9415 E Harry St, Suite 703, Wichita, Ks, 67207

L&M Auto Repair, Llc, 1116 W 43rd Street, Wichita, Ks, 67217

Landmark Contracting Llc, 236 N Pennsylvania, Wichita, Ks, 67214

Lario Investments Llc, 301 S Market, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Lay Consulting Llc, 1043 Beau Jardin Street, Derby, Ks, 67037

Lebiram, Inc., 2153 S Vine St, Wichita, Ks, 67213

Lee Aerospace Holdings, Inc., 9323 E 34th St N, Wichita, Ks, 67226

Legends Properties Llc, 1548 E. 642 Road, Lawrence, Ks, 66049

Lifestylefit Marketing Llc, 1714 S Shefford Circle, Wichita, Ks, 67209

Ljs, Llc, 300 W. Douglas, Suite 330, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Llfrazier, Llc, 301 N Main St, Suite 600, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Main Law Office, Llc, 727 N Waco Ave, Suite 585, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Marler Development, Llc, 1600 Epic Center, 301 North Main Street, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Mata Llc, 5135 S Hydraulic St, Lot 184, Wichita, Ks, 67216

M-E Engineers, Inc., 10055 W. 43rd Avenue, Wheat Ridge, Co, 80033

Mid-Kansas Preparatory Shooting Sports Team Ltd., 1235 N Coach House Ct, Wichita, Ks, 67235

Midwest Payment Acceptance Inc, 310 W Central Ave, Suite 203, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Midwest Wound Products Llc, 9908 E 19th North, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Minks Llc, 2506 N Glendale St, Wichita, Ks, 67220

Monarcas Enterprise Llc, 3705 Ross Parkway, Apt 3, Wichita, Ks, 67210

Mpi Industries Llc, 5 Nottingham Way, Turnersville, Nj, 08012

Msjn Wright, Llc, 2226 Amarado Ct, Wichita, Ks, 67205

Myrtle Tree Baptist Church, 226 N Delos, Haysville, Ks, 67060

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