Commercial Building Permits (April 17)

04/17/2014 12:00 AM

04/16/2014 3:56 PM

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Blue Custom Homes, houses, 4441 S. Fawnwood Court, 14802 W. Valley Hi Circle, each valued at $145,548.

Buckert Contracting, 12605 E. Zimmerly, $195,576, house.

Buckner Elementary School, 3530 E. 27th N., $991,000, addition, Bauer & Son Construction.

Chapman Custom Homes, 518 N. Jaax, $147,268, house.

Cherrywood Construction, 12717 W. Hardtner Circle, $228,274, house.

Comfort Homes, houses: 14513 W. Price, $179,081, 2122 S. Wheatland, $114,245, 1129 N. Forestview, $173,177.

Craig Stuart Homes, 3308 N. Shefford, $192,283, house.

Davis-Moore Fiat Dealership, 7525 E. Kellogg, $1,050,000, building, Leonard and Associates LLC.

Don Klausmeyer Construction, houses: 8716 W. Conrey, $150,086, 14201 W. Westport, $117,412.

Farmington Square, repairs, 7101 W. Shade, $8,000, 6801 W. Par Lane, $2,000, Philip McCartney.

Intermountain Wood, 2211 S. Edwards, $29,568, renovation, Foulston Construction.

Isham Builders, 550 N. Belle Terre Circle, $249,340, house.

Klenda Austerman LLC, 301 N. Main, $109,840, alteration, Key Construction.

Lies-Bugner Construction, 12613 W. Hardtner Circle, $177,460, house.

LKQ Self Service, 700 E. 21st, $199,000, remodel, Caro Construction.

Nies Construction, 10805 E. Glengate Circle, $299,484, house.

Platinum Construction, 10031 E. Boston, $214,653, house.

Prairie Construction, houses: 812 S. Glenwood Court, $162,557, 747 S. Peckham Court, $153,417.

QuikTrip, 1112 W. Douglas, $135,000, renovation, The Riverside Group.

Regency Lakes Building, 2431 N. Greenwich Road, $425,000, building, SBA Construction.

School of Beauty, 4950 E. 21st St., $56,000, renovation, P4 Contractor dba Nathan Pham.

Starbucks, 2166 Amidon, $102,000, renovation, R.A. Heath Construction.

Tabernacle Building, 1601 W. 51st N., $1,800, alteration, Salvation Army.

Via Christi St. Francis Hospital, 929 N. St. Francis, $300,000, alteration, Martin Eby Construction.

Vision Home Investments, 8513 W. Candlewood Court, $169,944, house.

Warren Homes, 2022 S. Webb Road, $133,804, house.

Wichita Habitat for Humanity, 4445 Ellis, $157,256, house.

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