Corporate filings (Jan. 30)

01/30/2014 12:00 AM

01/29/2014 3:24 PM

Salvation And Trust Out Reach Ministry Inc., Po. Box 780324, Wichita, Ks, 67278

Saranac Studios, Inc., Scott Clarke, 1410 Garfield Street, Lincoln, Ne, 68502

Sasha Marketing, Inc., 1131 Southcrest, Derby, Ks, 67037

Sayah-E-Khuda, Llc, 1616 N Gentry St, Wichita, Ks, 67208

Schultz Squared Architects Llc, 1999 N Amidon, Suite 373, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Sedgwick County Land And Cattle Company, Llc, 6201 Briar Rose Lane, Valley Center, Ks, 67147

Seismic Wave Llc, 1313 N Webb Road, Suite 240, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Sequoia Leasing Limited Company, 906 N Main, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Serenity Llc, 11818 W Pine Street, Wichita, Ks, 67212

Shadow Rock Llc, 7623 E Champions Ct., Wichita, Ks, 67226

Shockwave Volleyball Academy, Llc, 3139 N. Den Hollow, Wichita, Ks, 67205

Silver Wolf Armory Llc, 6655 S 143RD East, Derby, Ks, 67037

Snider, Inc., 807 E Greenway Ct., Derby, Ks, 67037

South Ridge Llc, 608 W Douglas Ave, Suite 106, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Sowon Llc, 777 N Silver Springs, 1409, Wichita, Ks, 67212

Stukey Mower, Inc., 230 Cardinal Lane, Wichita, Ks, 67230

Sturdy Built Construction & Demolition Llc, 5427 W Edminster St, Wichita, Ks, 67212

Sunflower Commerce Park Association, 7651 East Central Park Avenue, Bel Aire, Ks, 67226

Sunflower Espresso Llc, 722 S Chautauqua, Wichita, Ks, 67211

Sunrise Hoa Inc, 900 N Tyler, Suite 7, Wichita, Ks, 67212

Sunrise Medical Llc, 716 119TH St. W, 104, Wichita, Ks, 67235

Surevest Llc, 9049 W Meadow Park Ct, Wichita, Ks, 67205

T&A Investments, Llc, 1635 N Waterfront Parkway, Suite 150, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Taker Investments, Llc, Po Box 122, Derby, Ks, 67037

Tan Lines, Llc, 1616 S Todd Circle, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Tgfwhp, Llc, 150 N Market, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Tgt Investments Llc, 2401 W. Detroit, Broken Arrow, Ok, 74012

Thai-Riffic Cuisine Llc, 303 Wild Plum Rd., Derby, Ks, 67037

The Four Legged Project, Inc., 10331 W Esthner Ave, Wichita, Ks, 67209

The Veteran Of The Republic Of Vn Thu Duc Cadet Of Wichita Ks Inc., 443 N St Francis, Wichita, Ks, 67214

Three Eagles Development, Llc, 2929 N Rock Road, Suite 110, Wichita, Ks, 67226

Three Shots Llc, 3629 N Hydraulic, Wichita, Ks, 67219

Titanium Real Estate Inc, 1418 N Valleyview Ct, Wichita, Ks, 67212

Tj Tire Shop Llc, 2215 E Hodson, Wichita, Ks, 67211

Tng Retro Holdings, Llc, 4015 West May Street, Wichita, Ks, 67209

Tobyd Llc, 3105 E Central, Wichita, Ks, 67214

Tri-Ad Thermal Products, Llc, 15712 W Hendryx, Goddard, Ks, 67052

Triple Crown Homes Llc, 6724 E Central Park Ave, Bel Aire, Ks, 67226

Tv Investment Holdings Llc, Po Box 12455, Wichita, Ks, 67277

University Street Townhouse Homeowners Association, 8900 W University, Unit 112, Wichita, Ks, 67209

Value Place Delray Beach Fl South Llc, 8621 E 21ST St North, Suite 250, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Value Place West Palm Beach Fl South - Lake Worth Llc, 8621 E 21ST St North, Suite 100, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Vantage Management, Llc, P.O. Box 1322, Wichita, Ks, 67201

Vanya Designs & Custom Sewing, Llc, 413 North Osage Road, Derby, Ks, 67037

Velocity Ventures Llc, Po Box 730, Cheney, Ks, 67025

Vincent Investments, Llc, 155 N Market, Suite 700, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Vincet Llc, 2632 Paradise Ct, Wichita, Ks, 67205

Warsh My Windows, Llc, 2835 E. Aloma, Wichita, Ks, 67211

Wichita Webs Llc, 4225 S Handley St, Second Floor, Wichita, Ks, 67217

Windsor Law, Pc, 700 W. 31st Street, #408, Kansas City, Mo, 64108

Winter's Body Shop, Llc, 6340 N 247th St. West, Andale, Ks, 67001

Wisp-Of-Flavor, Llc, 4032 Cranberry St, Wichita, Ks, 67226

Women For Kansas, Inc., Po Box 8774, Wichita, Ks, 67208

Wrecking Crew Productions, Llp, 7827 N. Webb, Valley Center, Ks, 67147

Your Own Auto Sales Inc., 310 W Central Ave, Suite 203, Wichita, Ks, 67202

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