Bankruptcies (Jan. 30)

01/30/2014 12:00 AM

01/29/2014 2:24 PM

All bankruptcies are Chapter 7 unless otherwise noted and have been rounded to the nearest dollar.


Cooper, Marilyn Louise, liabilities $64,891, assets $65,385.

Green, John Edward, liabilities $60,814, assets $2,035.

Hall, Damon E., liabilities $140,719, assets $120,600, Chapter 13.

Hyche, Rodney Duane, liabilities $38,266, assets $5,500.

Linn, Cheryl Kay, liabilities $61,445, assets $56,807.

Munoz John Morin Sr., Dora Holguin Munoz, liabilities $222,931, assets $165,680, Chapter 13.

Perry, Scot E., Terri Y. Perry, liabilities $90,494, assets $80,300, Chapter 13

Roths, Jessica S., liabilities $39,163, assets $1,870.

Santiago, Michael Charles, Sandi Louise Santiago, liabilities $203,348, assets $174,108, Chapter 13.

Washington, Margaretta Dorise, aka Dee Washington, liabilities $32,848, assets $40,100.


Brooks, Michael Eugene, Victoria Lynn Brooks, aka Victoria Lynn Shay, Vicki L. Brooks, liabilities $141,834, assets $76,887, Chapter 13.


Hurst, Phillip N. II, liabilities $331,035, assets $1,700.

El Dorado

Owens, Monica L., liabilities $58,197, assets $1,550.


Neptune, Chad Aaron, Candra Lynn Neptune, aka Candra Lynn Ruppe Candra Lynn Deschner, liabilities $153,853, assets $19,637, Chapter 13.


Cummins, James T., Kimberly A. Cummins, liabilities $64,260, assets $84,950, Chapter 13.

Thorpe, Charles W., liabilities $37,000, assets $59,850.


Bonilla, Brian Russell, Suzanne Nicole Bonilla, liabilities $75,441, assets $28,395.


Robertson, Donald Eugene, aka Donald E. Robertson, Don Robertson, Carolyn Ann Robertson, aka Carolyn A. Robertson, Carolyn Catlin, Carolyn Catlin-Robertson, dba Brooke Insurance, Robertson Insurance, liabilities $360,169, assets $134,086.


Colborn, Jennifer Diane, aka Jennifer Diane Crocker, liabilities $69,217, assets $2,175.


Rein, Rick Lee, liabilities $47,668, assets $87,370.


Lozar, Jason C., liabilities $43,144, assets $2,725.


Mansfield, Tammy Marie, aka Tammy Marie Branning, liabilities $47,139, assets $0.

Chapter 7, liquidation, business or personal; Chapter 11, business reorganization; Chapter 13, personal reorganization, DBA: doing business as; aka: also known as.

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