Commercial Building Permits (Oct. 31)

10/31/2013 12:00 AM

10/30/2013 4:03 PM

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Absolute Natural Stone, 12225 E. Kellogg, $365,700, building, Evans Building.

Anchor Restaurant, 1113 E. Douglas, $180,000, renovation, Construction Management.

Apartment Building, 1114 S. Emporia, $1,000, renovation, Gray and Son Construction.

Armstrong Construction, 3776 N. Rushwood Court, $126,599, house.

Beauty Dot, 8336 E. 21st St., $100,000, alteration, Crossland Construction.

Case Equipment, 3301 S. Hoover Road, $62,000, addition, Gerena Construction.

Casey’s General Store, 3520 N. Woodlawn, $400,000, renovation, Zernco.

Crestview Country Club, 1000 N. 127th E., $6,500, renovation, Sauerwein Construction.

Daryl Lee Catron, 6223 N. Richmond, $177,560, house.

Daylight Donuts, 6249 E. 21st St., $6,720, alteration, Hammer & Saws.

Don Klausmeyer Construction, houses: 1121 N. Forestview, $179,600, 1436 N. Blackstone, $181,782, 13329 W. Alderny Court, $171,702, 3721 N. High Point, $121,252.

Dream Life Homes, houses: 12705 W. Hardtner Circle, $207,731, 12718 W. Hardtner Circle, $192,697.

Dry Cleaners, 7707 E. Harry, $10,000, $20,000, renovations, Concept Construction.

Eaton Hotel, 515 E. Douglas, $165,000, renovation, Key Construction.

Fahsholtz Construction, 1817 N. Wooddale, $196,127, 15413 E. Sundance, $215,002.

Frontgate Homeowners Association, 455 N. Frontgate, $26,000, swimming pool, Superior Homes.

H&H Homebuiulders, 3450 N. Beach Club Circle, $262,124, house.

Heritage College Vet Tech, 2626 S. Rock Road, $51,000, renovation, Accel Construction.

Hyatt Regency, 400 E. Waterman, $2,400,000, renovation, Continental Contractors.

Intrust Bank, 105 N. Main, $368,000, alteration, Walz Harman Huffman Construction.

Javen Brown Construction, houses: 919 N. Hoover, 953 N. Hoover, 931 N. Hoover, each valued at $86,209.

Kansas Department of Labor, 266 N. Main, $90,000, renovation, SBA Construction.

Lifestyle Homes Group, 12706 W. Hardtner Circle, $212,910, house.

Marco’s Pizza, 3305 W. Central, $120,000, renovation, Roth Construction.

Midco Motor, 3308 S. Broadway, $10,000, addition, Chatman and Sons.

Mullin Inc., houses: 13410 W. Hunters View, 13405 W. Nantucket, each valued at $166,216.

Nies Construction, houses: 2304 N. Lochmond Court, $195,939, 15319 E. Sundance, $258,466, 10809 E. Glengate Circle, $251,388.

Operation Freedom Memorial at Veteran’s Park, 339 N. Greenway Blvd., $6,070, addition, Sutherland Builders.

Osage Recretaion Center, 2121 W. 31st S., $416,500, alteration, Bauer & Son Construction.

Party Store and Liquor Store, 2923 N. Tyler Road, $30,000, alteration, S&J Services.

Paul Gray Homes, 27622 N. Woodridge, $167,515, house.

Ritchie Building, 10641 E. Crestwood Court, $337,641, house.

Robl Construction, houses: 12513 E. 27th N., $129,774, 12737 E. 27th Court N., $134,563, 206 N. City View Circle, $262,746.

Sedgwick County Courthouse, 510 N. Main, $40,000, alteration, Sky Contracting.

Socora Homes, 3114 N. Shefford, $189,781, house.

Stovall Construction, 538 N. Bell Terre Circle, $226,790, house.

Tiger Managment Building, 3615 N. Ridge Road, $1,300,000, building, Bar-Te and Associates.

Trailwood Co., 3514 N. Beach Club Circle, $240,206, house.

Via Christi AMS, 2916 E. Central, $1, addition, Cornejo and Sons.

Women’s Services Via Christi Hospital, 3600 E. Harry, $440,000, alteration, Conco Inc.

Yo-B Restaurant, 301 N. Mead, $68,000, alteration, Larry Cook Construction.

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