5 questions with Ron Groves

12/26/2013 7:09 AM

08/08/2014 10:20 AM

The holidays are huge for any liquor store, and Ron Groves hopes people can find his new location.

After the city of Wichita bought out landowners along East Kellogg for the Kellogg expansion, Groves lost his longtime location at the corner of Kellogg and Webb.

He luckily landed next door, opening in the former Builder’s Square location.

He took a few minutes away from a bustling holiday scene to answer a few questions.

Q. 1 What are your most popular items for New Year’s Eve?

A. If you’re talking spirits, it’s Crown Royal. If you’re talking wines, it’s something sparkling, or Moscato.

Q. 2 How much of your sales are at the holidays?

A. You can’t just live off Christmas. It’s big, but it’s nothing like the 40 percent that some businesses have. It’s not the toy business.

Q. 3 Do liquor stores mark up their items during the holidays?

A. I think there’s more discounting. At least, I’m discounting more this holiday to thank people for finding us.

Q. 4 Are you worried about a push in the Legislature next year to allow liquor and full-strength beer sales in grocery and convenience stores?

A. There’s a little bit of a misconception that the price will be better at grocery stores and quick shops. There won’t be any volume discount from the wholesaler (by law), so our price will be just as good. And they won’t have the variety that we have.

Q. 5 How’s the new location working out?

A. The floor space is three times what I had before, so that’s helpful. The overhead is higher, because I’m leasing rather than owning, but (landowners Johnny Stevens and Steve Clark) were nice to let me lease some space from them. … And no matter what happens, I plan to be around for a while.

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