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Builders Inc. prepares to once again start construction of Corner 365

03/13/2013 5:05 AM

03/13/2013 6:36 AM

WICHITA — Work is once again set to begin at Corner 365.

That’s the 36-unit apartment complex that Builders Inc. had to stop building at First and Waco when the company found a railroad car buried on the property.

The car was removed Friday.

"I heard it weighed 15 tons," says Brad Smisor, executive vice president at Builders.

"It's behind us. That's good."

There was some oil and water in the car.

The finding has delayed construction by two months, Smisor says. The issue became public less than a month ago, but the car was discovered more than a month before that.

"It was setting open," Smisor says of the hole where the car was. "Anybody could have seen it."

He says he's not sure how much the issue affected the company financially.

"I still don't know, to tell you the truth," Smisor says. "It's not going to ... deter us from going ahead."

He expects work to begin again within two weeks.

"Hopefully, you'll see something coming out of the ground here shortly."

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