Carrie Rengers

October 2, 2012

QuikTrip buys land by Broadway and Murdock store but isn't ready to expand

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WICHITA — QuikTrip looks like it's building something new at Broadway and Murdock, but that's not the case — yet.

The company purchased a house or two behind its property on the southeast corner and is now leveling that area.

"We're not ready to do anything right now," says Tim Heuback, director of operations. "It's just a timing opportunity that we just didn't want to waste."

Heuback echoes what most anyone who has been to that QuikTrip can tell you: It can be a tight squeeze.

So why not expand now?

"We're just not ready."

He adds, though, "We obviously wouldn't be buying property just to tear down houses."

Heuback can't say if the extra space would be for more parking or if QuikTrip would build a new store on it.

"You just don't want to talk about everything until it's buttoned up," he says. "So right now, the story really is we're not doing anything."

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