Business Perspectives: Key values guide Ag Growth International in its vision

07/09/2014 3:05 PM

08/08/2014 10:25 AM

On behalf of all employees of Ag Growth International (AGI), I felt compelled to respond to a recent article, “Dry material veteran executives form Wichita startup,” published June 24 in The Eagle.

We at AGI felt the article painted an unfair and unfavorable picture of our company, and would like to take this opportunity to tell more about the AGI philosophy and the positive changes that have come to Tramco and many other acquired businesses within the organization.

AGI acquired Tramco in December 2010 from Leon Trammell, a respected innovator in the area of robust conveyor systems to handle difficult 24/7 applications. Tramco is known as a leader in this field, with conveyors sold and operating in countries around the world.

Tramco forms an important part of our family of companies, providing solutions for the handling, conditioning and storage of grains, oilseeds and other industrial products in the grain and processing sector.

Our initial investment in Tramco was over $20 million and since 2010 we have worked with the team at Tramco to make additional investments in much needed upgrades to manufacturing equipment, processes and facilities. These investments support our dedicated team in Wichita to produce the finest heavy-duty conveyors in the market.

The success of Ag Growth International, itself a startup of entrepreneurs in 1996, can be greatly attributed to the values that we operate with every day to support our mission to be a global leader in innovative solutions for our industry.

Key values of safety, growth, innovation, teamwork, excellence and integrity guide us in our vision. All of our team members that work within our family are committed to the values and are accountable for ensuring we strive to meet them every day.

It would appear from your article that these former employees did not want to join in with us on these very important values. I can tell you that for almost all of the acquisitions AGI has done since 1996, there remains many of the management and employees that were there before we acquired the companies. We are very proud that we have been able to work with so many great people and help them continue to grow their business and ensure that the future remains bright for them and their families.

We look forward to the future success of Tramco and thank our team in Wichita for their dedication and belief in what our family of companies is trying to achieve.

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