Three D’s of Engagement can be applied to any relationship

02/22/2012 5:00 AM

08/08/2014 10:09 AM

Engagement is about having a personal, meaningful relationship that inspires others to devote their best effort, attention and resources.

Yes, employers want it from their employees. But it goes far beyond that.

I want it from my wife, my business partners, my friends. As a company, we want engagement from our clients.

What does it take to create relationships that inspire others to give something of themselves? Here are the Three D’s of Engagement that you can apply to any relationship, personal or professional:

•  Delight in others’ success. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a profit, influence someone or generate more followers for your blog. Beneath it all, however, must be a personal passion to improve the lives of those you are connecting with. If you are able to consistently celebrate others’ success with no strings attached, you are on your way.
•  Declare yourself. Be decisive on what you want. Declare your boldest intentions and most lofty aspirations to those on whom your success depends. It will hold you accountable, keep you honest and drive you toward excellence.
•  Deliver in every interaction. No matter how small the behavior, you must deliver on what you’ve declared. Whether it’s a memo, e-mail, contract proposal, team meeting, training program or the simplest conversation, practice what you preach.

When it comes to engagement, you are never off the clock and every interaction counts. When you practice the Three D’s of Engagement, you will experience more meaningful and productive relationships at all levels.

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