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August 29, 2014

Wichita ranks No. 9 on ‘hardest working’ cities list

A report from SpareFoot says area residents are more likely to work long hours and hold down more than one job, compared to residents of many U.S. cities.

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A timely list that arrived just ahead of the Labor Day weekend ranks Wichita as the No. 9 “hardest working” city in America.

Compiled by SpareFoot, an online company that helps you find storage units in your city or anyplace else, the criteria for the rankings included the percentage of the metro area’s population that worked, how many hours a week they worked and how many jobs they held.

Based on such factors, SpareFoot said the hardest-working metro area in the United States was Minneapolis-St. Paul, followed by Madison, Wis.

Omaha, Des Moines and Denver rounded out the top five.

Wichita’s No. 9 ranking was explained this way: “Residents of the largest city in Kansas work fairly long hours and are even more likely than residents of Milwaukee to hold more than one job.” Milwaukee was No. 8.

Wichita finished ahead of Boston, at No. 10, and Honolulu, at No. 11.

Of the 12 cities ranked, most were in the Midwest.

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