August 8, 2014

Bill for back taxes prompts aircraft supplier to file for bankruptcy

Wichita aircraft subcontractor Machining Programming Manufacturing seeks to restructure its tax debt in bankruptcy.

Machining Programming Manufacturing, an aircraft subcontractor at 2100 S. West, on Thursday filed for Chapter 11 bankrutpcy.

The filing shows the company with $1.6 million in unsecured liabilities, not including a large federal tax debt.

President Don Gorges said the company, under a previous president, didn’t pay federal taxes for more than two years after the local economy went into deep recession in 2008.

Starting two years ago, the company began repaying the debt under a negotiated agreement with the IRS. But about six months ago, the amount rose to $40,000 a month, he said, which is more than the company could pay, and the government was going to take further action.

He said he wants to go court to restructure the payment to something the company can actually manage.

“Hopefully they will understand where we are: We employ 35 people, aircraft is doing a little better, but not great,” Gorges said. “We haven’t made any money. It’s not like we’re taking any money home.”

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