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April 4, 2013

Use of mobile boarding passes hit 3 million mark in March

Air Capital Insider

Jerry Siebenmark shares inside knowledge of Wichita's aviation industry.

A growing number of air travelers are using mobile boarding passes to check in for flights around the country.

NCR Corp. said that it delivered 3 million boarding passes to travelers during the month of March alone.

“In addition to making traveling easier — allowing passengers to check in on their own schedules, bypass check-in counter lines at the airport and go right to the security check-point — there’s definitely a ‘cool’ factor to using mobile boarding passes that’s exciting for travelers,” NCR travel vice president and general manager Tyler Craig said in a statement.

NCR’s mobile pass delivers a patented 2D bar code on a mobile device, which allows passengers to check in remotely and go directly to airport security check-points when they arrive at the airport.

The technology is offered by airlines around the world.

NCR is now launching NCR Dynamic Wallet, which provides boarding gate and flight departure times updated in real time.

It’s also launching NCR Ad Injection, which allows airlines to deliver messages to passengers via their electronic boarding passes.

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