July 16, 2014

TankHouse Float & Massage opens at Experience Wellness Chiropractic

WICHITA — Chiropractor Matt Goltl is sharing some of his new Experience Wellness Chiropractic space at 133 N. Glendale with his brother, Alan, and his new TankHouse Float & Massage.

"This is a new venture for me," Alan Goltl says.

Goltl says he was attracted to "the idea of a more holistic career."

"Having had body work from some really good practitioners has inspired me to go into massage school," he says.

Then he learned about flotation tanks.

"It's been around for a while, but it sort of fell out in the '80s because of the AIDS crisis, but now it's coming back," Goltl says.

The idea is to give someone sensory deprivation in an enclosed tank that blocks light and is as noise free as possible.

"Basically research shows if you put yourself into a chamber without lights and noise, basically masking as much stimulus as you can, your mind will go into this theta state," Goltl says.

"They're calling it like a reset for your body and your brain," he says. "It's a meditative quality of rest that your brain goes into."

Goltl says there is 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt in his tank. He says the a briny solution allows someone to float with no effort for an hour or two.

"It's more briny than the Dead Sea, which most people can float in without too much effort," he says. "You're allowing your body to just shut down."

Goltl says the tank helps with pain management, creativity, stress reduction and what he calls "super learning."

"The research goes on and on and on.”

Goltl says massage will be a complementary component of what he offers.

"I'm guessing that the float will be the bigger part," he says. "I don't think there's anything in Wichita like it right now."

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