June 4, 2014

Texas’ McGavock Auto Group takes over Nissan dealership in Wichita

There’s a new Nissan dealer in town.

There’s a new Nissan dealer in town.

On Monday, McGavock Auto Group took over the former Davis-Moore Nissan dealership at 10625 E. Kellogg, ending Davis-Moore’s nearly 33-year run as the area’s sole Nissan dealer.

Davis-Moore announced in late April that it was selling the store to McGavock, a family owned company that operates Nissan dealerships in Texas in Abilene, Amarillo and Lubbock.

Wichita will be the McGavocks’ biggest market.

Steve McGavock and his son Brent McGavock said Wednesday during a visit to the Wichita store that they plan to make a few changes – but not many – at the dealership that employs 60 people.

The most visible change is a temporary, vinyl sign hanging from the front of the 40,000-square-foot building that Davis-Moore opened about two years ago.

Brent McGavock said new, permanent signs should be in place within two months.

And “we’ll redo the waiting areas right away,” Steve McGavock said.

Those renovations won’t be too extensive, Brent McGavock said, calling them “minor customer touch points” intended to enhance the customer experience, including the addition of TVs, seating and refreshments for customers waiting for service and sales.

The McGavocks said their focus is on building repeat business with Nissan customers.

“You can’t sell a customer one car, one time,” Steve McGavock said.

“We want them to be customers for life,” Brent McGavock said.

Steve McGavock said he has been in the car business since 1976 and has been a new car dealer for a number of brands since then. His company has been strictly a Nissan dealer since 2001, which he thinks benefits his company in terms of product knowledge and the ability to easily get the Nissan models his customers want. On Wednesday, for instance, McGavock had on its Wichita showroom floor a $100,000 Nissan GT-R sports car.

Brent McGavock said the focus on one brand makes it easier to manage dealerships. It’s a complex business made even more complex when there are multiple brands to manage, he said.

Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with auto industry information provider, said Nissan is “doing quite well in the U.S.” in terms of sales and market share and in some months tops Honda for unit sales. Honda, she said, is Nissan’s closest Japanese competitor in the U.S.

Nissan reported on Tuesday that it sold 125,558 vehicles last month, a nearly 18 percent increase from sales in May 2013.

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