April 17, 2014

Couple likes ‘doing our own thing’ as Icon owners

The 2005 birth of Tricia Wilson’s second child will forever be linked to the birth of her husband’s company, Icon Structures.

The 2005 birth of Tricia Wilson’s second child will forever be linked to the birth of her husband’s company, Icon Structures.

That’s because she was in the hospital about to give birth, and her husband, Brandon Wilson, sat next to her working on his first project and “not paying attention to me.”

She said it was “business as usual for Brandon. He just happens to be sitting next to his wife who’s trying to have a baby.”

Brandon Wilson said he always knew he wanted his own company.

After working for Hutton Construction and Spangenberg Phillps Tice Architecture, Wilson started his own general contracting firm on a part-time basis to do commercial and residential projects.

Tricia Wilson said it was “the challenge of doing our own thing.”

Projects quickly grew as the two worked out of their basement office.

Today they have an Andover office and almost 20 employees.

“Obviously there were some lean times,” Brandon Wilson said. “But we were pretty fortunate that we had just continuous projects.”

The Wilsons say the key to their business is building relationships with clients who return for more business.

For instance, they’ve been doing projects at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Wichita Airport “for five or six years nonstop,” Brandon Wilson said.

He said he thinks clients like “the quality of our work and the commitment that we keep with planning the projects and carrying them out.”

Tricia Wilson has worked for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce and at Wichita State University in the Kansas Small Business Development Center, where she consulted with people who start companies.

Even though she was helping others, she said, “I definitely got an education on … finances and building a business plan. … That was a valuable experience.”

She handles marketing, human resources and insurance for Icon Structures.

“We’re pretty diverse in a lot of the different projects we can do,” Brandon Wilson said.

The Wilsons say they want to grow their company, but they don’t want to get too big, because that would force them to work out of state.

“We’d like to keep most of our projects in the state of Kansas,” Tricia Wilson said.

Brandon Wilson said he has more challenges than growing the company, though.

“Right now more than anything, it’s just trying to keep up with our growth,” he said.

“There’s a lot of sacrifices that have been made,” Tricia Wilson said. “Brandon works an extreme amount of hours. He’s constantly multitasking.”

Though the Wilsons started out as a two-person family business and have grown considerably, they say Icon Structures still has that family feel.

“We feel like we’re a pretty close-knit little company,” Brandon Wilson said.

“Our employees are very loyal,” Tricia Wilson said. “We kind of treat them like family, really.”

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