Companies’ identities take shape at Cassandra Bryan Design

05/08/2014 7:15 AM

08/06/2014 10:56 AM

For Cassandra Bryan, the goal is not to do more work – it’s to do bigger work.

“When people think about website design and Wichita, I want them to think about CBD,” said Bryan, owner of Cassandra Bryan Design, a firm that creates custom websites and logos.

“It’s not my goal to do as many sites as we can for as many businesses as we can. I want to do fewer projects but be a little more particular about them.”

In 2009, Bryan founded CBD at age 22. What began with just Bryan working in her basement has turned into a seven-employee business with a downtown presence at 110 N. St. Francis.

“It all just sort of happened on accident,” Bryan said. “We began to become busier and busier with each site we’d build and logo we’d create. A lot of business came from referrals.”

Her company uses WordPress as a custom content management system, which allows clients to maintain their own sites after they’ve been built. They also integrate social media accounts with the sites.

“My designers and coders are in the project from the beginning to the end and so am I,” she said. “I’m involved in every project. So my biggest challenge is sometimes letting go because I still want to stay close to every project but that makes growing tougher, so we’re taking it one step at a time.”

“I love to design and build a whole company’s identity, where you drive down the street and say, ‘Wow, I did that.’ That’s fun.”

One of the other big challenges with Web design is that it’s subjective.

“You really have to do a good job of listening to the goals of the company to be able to design a website that will produce leads or sell their product,” Bryan said.

“You could design the best site and maybe the client doesn’t like that color and so they don’t like that site at all. So I think that one of the big challenges is being a strong communicator and listening, and sometimes you have to subtly convince the client to do things a certain way.”

Now, Bryan wants to expand into more specialized areas, with clients in the health care and oil and gas industries.

She loves the size of her company right now.

“I’m resisting growth, but it’s probably inevitable.”

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