November 12, 2013

Better Than Cheesecake lingerie boutique to open downtown

WICHITA — Ben Backes is already getting plenty of practice answering a question he's likely to be fielding for some time to come.

Backes is opening a store called Better Than Cheesecake at 106 S. Emporia, but it has nothing to do with food. It's a lingerie boutique.

"The funny thing is people have asked me that even while we're standing in front of the windows where it says right there, 'Lingerie,'" Backes says.

He says inspiration for the name came from pinups from the 1940s and '50s.

"There's a certain style of those that was called cheesecake style," Backes says.

Better Than Cheesecake will sell women's lingerie from Europe, which Backes says generally has better material and design innovation than lingerie from elsewhere.

"I discovered European lingerie, like, 10 years ago," he says. His store is "born out of frustration" due to a lack of places to find the lingerie.

Better Than Cheesecake also will sell perfume and what Backes calls special detergents.

"I'm hoping to be open in two weeks," he says. "Black Friday at the latest."

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