Corporate filings (July 25)

07/24/2013 4:07 PM

07/24/2013 4:07 PM

24/7 Sales Corp, 7914 E Indianapolis Street, Wichita, Ks, 67207

3d-Xenergy Llc, C/O Larson & Company, P.A., 200 W. Douglas. Ste 1000, Wichita, Ks, 67202

885 Communications Of Kansas I, Llc, 2100 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, Ks, 67214

A And D Enterprise Llc, 6518 Lynnrae, Derby, Ks, 67037

Acosta Construction Llc, 5231 N Meridian Ave, Wichita, Ks, 67204

Air Capital Receivables Llc, 625 S Anna Street, Wichita, Ks, 67209

Ammunition And Safe Company Llc, 906 N Main St, Suite 1, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Anderson Farm Development, Llc, 1608 E Lewis Street, Wichita, Ks, 67211

Arkady Hosting Llc, 1909 N Joann, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Asian American Professionals Of Wichita Inc, 2210 S White Cliff Lane, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Avgroup, Inc., 7355 W. Taft Street, Suite 100, Wichita, Ks, 67209

B & J Cleaners Llc, Michelle 'Mai, 11516 Killarney Cir, Wichita, Ks, 67206

B&T Marketing Associates Llc., 1725 W Douglas, Wichita, Ks, 67213

Baldwin Denim, Llc, 4573 W 119th St, Leawood, Ks, 66209

Ballistic Bodyworks Llc, 1859 S Erie St., Wichita, Ks, 67211

Bike Walk Wichita, Inc., 1134 N. Coolidge, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Black Diamond Properties, Llc, 1826 N Saddle Creek Circle, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Blatz, Llc, 11824 Shannon Way, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Blazer's Woods And Waters, Llc, 3468 N Lake Ridge Ct., Wichita, Ks, 67205

Blessed Investments Llc, 1336 N Denmark Ave, Wichita, Ks, 67212

Blue Berry Llc, 2788 N Parkwood Ln, Wichita, Ks, 67220

Blue Stone Property Management, Llc, 341 N. St. James, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Build Lean Eat Clean Llc, 2002 E Wyndham Rd, Park City, Ks, 67219

Casas And Homes, Inc., Jackie L. Diaz, 6710 Loconia Circle, Wichita, Ks, 67209

Cash Flow Advocates Llc, 2918 N Wild Rose Ct, Wichita, Ks, 67205

Cbsolver Entertainment Llc, 1514 Ellis St, Wichita, Ks, 67211

Cjaoc Llc, 21 N Sagebrush, Cir, Wichita, Ks, 67230

Cm 3rd Party Moving Service Llc, 5026 N Arkansas, Wichita, Ks, 67204

College Hill Creamery, Llc, 208 N Fountain, Wichita, Ks, 67208

Commercial Roofing Specialists, Llc, 2717 Lakeridge, Wichita, Ks, 67205

Con-Way Properties, Llc, 5615 E. Huffman Drive, Kechi, Ks, 67067

Core Rehab Llc, Po Box 780867, Wichita, Ks, 67278

Custom Construction & Remodeling, Llc, 10520 Bluewater Court, Clearwater, Ks, 67026

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